Frick wants to leave Bayern to give up

Bucks played more decisive momentum at home, but Booker didn’t get into the state in the first quarter. Except for making fouls in the outside line, he didn’t score in most of the quarter. However, the Suns attack was dominated by Paul and still failed.

He got 8 points and 3 assists in the first quarter to help Aton completely dominate the basket, and the two basically dominated the Suns attack. In the second quarter, they continued to play and once again exposed the Bucks’ problem of changing defense. After Paul hit the middle distance, Aton scored four points in a row, and the Suns forced the bucks to call a pause with a wave of 8-0.

After the return of Booker, the three-point shot was still iron. During Paul’s break, he also failed to hold up the attack, holding the ball to the inside line without any gains, and was blocked by hollerdy. In the end, he made 2-for-11 shots at half-time and never recovered his touch.

At the beginning of the second half, Booker finally scored in the middle distance. The Suns recovered their rhythm. Claude scored three consecutive points with the help of Booker and Paul. Johnson also scored five consecutive points in the fast break counterattack. Booker still failed to become the protagonist of the offensive end, did not continue the fire, only shot once in the last eight minutes, or in the outside line. The sun was completely destroyed by the Bucks, losing 38 points in a single quarter.

Because of the downturn, Booker has been criticized by countless attacks. The fans are wondering why he didn’t seem to be involved in the game at all. They are curious about what he has experienced outside. In the fourth quarter, the Suns didn’t let him play. Maybe they didn’t want to see hot eye’s performance again, and half a quarter of the game was completely reduced to garbage time.

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By Ethan