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Many people are very envious of European reception, but I am not. Before the start of the game, Lipman overestimated the majority of fans, as if Shanghai had her, everything would be OK. What was the result? The first game is just over 60 bucks, it’s not good. In the second round, it’s normal to chase and pass like that. If the second girl passes Li Yingying, it will be more fierce. Just a few balls in a row, Lipman couldn’t jump. Prospect of volleyball super Finals: Jiangsu women’s volleyball team has a strong desire to win, and Yang yipan shares the pressure of Zhu ting and Li Yingying. Germany is relatively calm and intelligent in Europe, and German culture is relatively playful. Lipman is still like this, not to mention other people. China doesn’t have to be afraid of agnu’s reception. In a word, the reason why China lost to agnu’s Italy in a row is that the coach is stupid, not how terrible egnu is, just as the Italian team’s achievements in Europe are very ordinary, and most teams are not afraid of it. Boskovic and Jesus have attack helpers in the country. They have good main attack to avoid the dilemma of a little attack. If they really want to make them attack a little, they can’t do it.


On the whole, Europe has received more than 60 attacks, which inevitably leads to lower ball rate and frequent mistakes. It’s not easy to find problems in the competition between European teams. After all, the specialty vs. the specialty, the short board vs. the last breath, who is better. The operator of a little attack must have enough ability to drop the ball, which is needless to say. Gong Xiangyu’s conditions are OK in all aspects, but his ability to drop the ball is not enough. Secondly, good physical strength. Most European and American players are as strong as cattle. But they still can’t. Zhang Changning in China is in good physical condition, but still not good. Good technique allows them to often score with the most economical physical expenditure. Most of the European players have a single technique, which is to make use of high points and make great efforts to make miracles. Their physical fitness consumption is very fast. Zhang Changning is also the problem, so Cai bin let Zhang Changning a little attack always ended in failure. Good distribution, know the ball. The operator of a little attack must understand that physical fitness is also a score. He must cherish and use it rationally and never waste it. They put physical distribution into their offensive skills. Zhang Changning is 26 years old. The more smooth the ball is, the more happy he is. He doesn’t know this truth at all. There is also a point, is a good psychological quality, can adjust their own emotions.


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