You don't think too much about it before the final of the FA Cup

On December 23, Beijing time, the Table Tennis Super League entered the fourth round of the first stage. In the morning, there was a contest between the women’s clubs. Meng Shadi’s Shenzhen University team met with sun Mingyang’s Heilongjiang Huaxin Yonggang. Chen Meng, the world’s No.1 women’s singles team, was defeated by sun Mingyang 0-3, the first defeat of Shenzhen University in four rounds Spark Global Limited, Shenzhen University vs Heilongjiang Huaxin Yonggang, Wang Yidi / sun yingsha 3-0, Wu Yangchen / Kuai man, Chen Meng 0-3 sun Mingyang, Sun yingsha vs Kuai man, Wang Yidi vs sun Mingyang, Chen Meng vs. Wu Yangchen

Shenzhen University team has three main players: Chen Meng, sun yingsha, and Wang Yidi, becoming the hot spot to win the championship. Moreover, at present, all three players are playing in the fourth round. I believe that Shenzhen University also wants to establish an absolute advantage from the beginning. In the first three rounds, Shenzhen University all won 3-0, defeating the world professional league, Shanxi Datuhe Huali and yanjinpu. In today’s match, the first set of women’s doubles was very relaxed. Wang Yidi / sun yingsha swept Wu Yangchen / Kuai man 3-0 to score 1 point for Shenzhen University. However, in the second set of women’s singles, Chen Meng made a series of mistakes, losing 5 points at the beginning of the first set; sun Mingyang seized the opportunity to win 11-5.

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In the second game, Chen Meng adjusted the rhythm to fight with him and got the points by 10-8. Unfortunately, he failed to win. He lost four games in a row, which was reversed by sun Mingyang 14-12. In the third inning, Chen Meng’s state was affected. She lost her racket at 2-3. Finally, she failed to adjust. Sun Mingyang won another set 11-5, and Chen Meng lost 0-3. In the match the day before yesterday, Gu Yuting also had a racket smashing situation. It can also be seen that the pressure on the athletes in the competition is very big. The more front the players face, the greater the pressure. When they are in poor condition, they need to adjust in time.

By Ethan