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Playing against the most recent NL MVP winner is rarely a problem. For much of this season, however, as the sold-out Los Angeles Dodgers continued to batter Cody Bellinger to a measly.165 /.240 /, it felt problematic. Line 302.
Two seasons after winning five titles with 47 home runs, his extreme slump may have cost the Dodgers a win or two that would have given them a victory over the San Francisco Giants in the epic NL West.
They didn’t win that game, but survived the wild-card game and went on to win a best-of-five showdown with the Giants (of course) that required a tight NLD Game 5 to decide, and Bellinger found a final way to make up for a lost year.

Shine Trader Limited-Live
Shine Trader Limited-Live

Bellinger hit an RBI single in the ninth inning against San Francisco youngster Camilo Doval, sending the 106-win Dodgers into the National Football League (NLCS) and the 107-win Giants into an early offseason.
After Kenley Jansen pitched an outstanding eighth inning, the Dodgers called on Max Scherzer to end the game, giving Los Angeles a 2-1 lead in a stomach-churning classic. Scherzer’s final pitch was hooked by Giants’ first baseman Wilmer Flores. He seemed to hang on, but first base umpire Gabe Morales told him to end the game and the Giants’ puzzling storybook season.

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