In the Champions League - Neymar scored twice from Rushford

At 4:00 Beijing time on December 3 (20:00 local time in England), the fifth round of the group stage of the 2020 / 21 Champions League starts, with Manchester United playing Paris Saint Germain at home. Paris away 3-1 revenge Manchester United, Neymar opened the record, Rushford equalised. In the second half, marchinius broke the goal again, and Neymar mey opened the second time to lock in the victory. Fred was sent off with a red card.

In the Champions League - Neymar scored twice from Rushford
For the first time this season, Manchester United beat Paris 2-1 away. Cavani started against the old owners, mbape and Neymar started.
The sixth minute, Paris took the lead, mbape’s long-range shot in front of the restricted area was blocked by lindelov, Neymar closed the right side of the penalty area small angle shot, Paris 1-0 ahead of Manchester United! In the ninth minute, Fred was not far away from the encirclement, Florence was saved by de gea.
Neymar’s opening record
The first 15 minutes, Rushford forbidden area arc top of the volley, Navas will confiscate the ball. In the 22nd minute, a conflict broke out between the two sides. Fred fell to the ground with Paredes on his head. After VaR, Fred was shown a yellow card.
Outbreak of conflict
In the 32nd minute, United equalised, Rushford volleyed from the forbidden area line, the ball hit Danilo and then changed the line into the net, United tied Paris 1-1! In the first half, the battle was 1-1.
Rushford level, Rushford level
In the second half, the two sides changed sides to fight again. In the 48th minute, Manchester United almost overtook, Rushford broke into the right side of the forbidden area, and machal volleyed high from close range. In the 56th minute, Manchester United once again missed the opportunity, machal straight plug, Cavani outside the restricted area to Navas cross shot, the ball over Navas hit the crossbar, Machar’s make-up shot was blocked out.
Machaer missed the opportunity
Cavani missed a single knife
In the 63rd minute, Malcolm picked and passed the forbidden area, Florence passed on the right side, and marchinius headed slightly high. In the 68th minute, Becker’s push shot in the restricted area was blocked by de GEA’s legs. Paris scored again, Neymar corner kick out, the ball out of the arc of ereira long-range shot, Diallo cross in front of the door, marchinios rush to break, Paris 2-1 lead again! The VaR confirmed that the goal was valid.
Oskar oskymar breaks the door
Fred shoved Herrera and was sent off for a second yellow card, forcing Manchester United to face 10 men. The 78th minute, Neymar passes the arc top, ereira follow-up volley slightly high. In the 80th minute, Maguire headed the ferry, bogba volleyed a little higher than the beam. The 84th minute, maquille cross in front of the door, B fee header strength is insufficient, was confiscated by Navas.
Fred was sent off. Fred was sent off
The 88th minute Paris nearly expanded the score, mbape long-distance rush into the forbidden area, push shot far angle, the ball slightly deviated from the right post. Paris finally scored the goal in the 91st minute, with mbape’s oblique pass, rafina’s inverted triangle return pass, Neymar’s shot in the empty goal, Paris 3-1 ahead of Manchester United! Finally Paris away 3-1 revenge on Manchester United, rose to the second place in the table, United are still the first.

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