Frick wants to leave Bayern to give up

Since the end of the Trail Blazers’ season, the media suddenly released the news that Lillard was dissatisfied with the Trail Blazers and had lost his heart. There are more and more rumors about Lillard leaving the team.

Recently, a senior NBA reporter revealed that considering Lillard’s contract, if he really wants to leave, the Blazers still have the initiative and can decide his future. An NBA agent told him that Lillard could follow the way harden did before he left the Rockets.

Another Western Executive said: “I believe both sides will eventually agree to the deal, but pioneers decide how to do it.”

There are also media reports that there are more and more differences between the Blazers boss, management and Lillard. Lillard has contacted a number of stars in the off-season this year to pay close attention to the dynamic of the Blazers.

Considering that Lillard has four years left in his contract, any trading plan will affect a wide range. If the Blazers really want to send away the cornerstone of the team over the years, they will definitely want to get enough reconstruction chips and will not easily send him out.

Lillard is still in his infancy. If the Blazers really start to listen to the offer, there may be many teams who want to participate in the trade. Not long ago, Lillard and LeBron appeared at the edge of the women’s basketball match to watch the ball together, which triggered countless speculation.

Considering Lillard’s superstar status, he can follow harden’s example and join the team he wants to go to. But there’s a price to be paid for doing so, which is that the image of loyalty and devotion he has built in the past years in Pioneer will probably be destroyed.

By Ethan