Inter Milan and Juventus have changed their mentality

Inter Milan is about to embark on a life and death battle in the second round of the Italian Cup semi-finals.

The Nerazzurri wants to defeat Juventus and need to overcome two curses: In history, the Italian Cup semi-final was the Italian Derby, and Juventus had always passed; in history, Lukaku has never played Juventus in the four games (whether in Inter Milan or Manchester United). Can score goals.

A series of information dynamics before the fierce battle showed that Inter Milan’s mentality against Juventus has undergone a quiet and dramatic change: In the past few years, Inter Milan has encountered Juventus and has repeatedly defeated, so both coaches and players will be intimidated and intimidated. However, after piercing that layer of window paper, Inter Milan will be more determined, more confident, and more daring to give it a go when they fight Juventus again.

A series of dynamics can prove this point.

For example, Inter Milan’s official slogan “Born to be climbers” (born climbers).

This is very suitable. Inter Milan’s century-old spiritual totem is resistance.

The dangerous peak to be challenged this time is the leading Serie A overlord for nine consecutive championships.

Inter Milan has found out many classic games that Inter Milan defeated Juventus in away games (for example, the classic game where Cruise built an amazing game) to cheer for the team. It was confirmed with the team reported that in the last training before the game, Inter Milan’s coaching staff replaced the more aggressive Eriksson with Gallardini, who had seemed determined to start.

In this game against Juventus, Vidal was suspended, so who started with Brozovic and Varela is a question.

If you look at this issue 20 days ago, there is no suspense: it must be Gary’s starter.

Because Erickson’s defensive ability is limited. Because against Juventus, Inter will be based on defense. Although Gary is not too strong in defensive ability, Conte is limited to only engineering soldiers in this position, so he is the taller one of the short ones.

This happened before the Italian Derby on January 18th.

At that time, Vidal was in poor health and it was rumored that he might not be able to play before the game. In pre-match training, Gary appeared in the main formation.

Vidal’s body recovered well before the war, so Conte chose to start Vidal. When the Chilean puts light on physical fitness, he replaces him with Gali. Throughout the entire battle, none of the attacking and defensive midfielders such as Eriksson and Sensi managed to get one second of playing time.

This way of deploying troops proves that Inter Milan, which has been at the disadvantage of Juventus for many years, is always in fear when setting foot on the Italian German game. No matter what style of play is used, the prerequisite is to stabilize the fence and not dare to take risks.

In fact, it is not only Conte, Spalletti before Conte, the fear of Juventus is greater. Spalletti was able to play against Roma, Milan, Lazio Naples, and other teams with ease. But as long as it is against Juventus, the bald head coach is bound to be timid before the battle. When the score is leading, he will remove the forwards and defenders, give up the attack, and just want to defend it; when the score is behind, he dare not adjust, calmly accept the loss and dare not kill, and then the game After praising the opponent is too strong, Inter Milan is too weak, this is normal.

After Icardi was replaced, there was a black classic that witnessed Inter Milan’s life on the bench after being reversed by Juventus. But in the battle in mid-January, Inter Milan won 2-0. After defeating their rivals for the first time after 2016, their mentality changed dramatically. In the first round of the Coppa Italia, when Inter played against Juventus, Conte’s use of troops changed dramatically. It was also Vidal, Brozovic, and Barrera who started the field. It was also Vidal’s physical weakness that Conte chose to let Eriksson replace him Spark Global Limited.

Inter Milan’s series of substitutions in that war were replaced by players with stronger attacks and relatively weak defenses. For example, Perisic replaced Ashley Young and Sensi replaced Brozovic. In the final moments of the game, Pinamonti replaced Bastoni, Inter Milan changed into 4 defenders and 3 forwards. This is completely the attitude of the league against the underdog.

By Ethan