The biggest test and the strongest nemesis of Jose Antonio in the title race is the disgrace of class ending two years ago

Inter’s six Giants: executive director Marotta, financial director Antonello, transfer manager osilio, coach Conte and team leader olliari attended the meeting. Zhang Kangyang also presided over the meeting in Nanjing by connecting. This meeting set the tone for Inter’s winter window transfer plan. Key point 1: Inter’s winter window will not make an additional investment. There are different versions of the conference. Here is a relatively rigorous source: sky expert DiMarzio, ansa society. “It’s normal that inter won’t invest in the winter window in January,” DiMarzio said. “A lot of clubs will make that choice during the [epidemic]

“Ansa” also pointed out that Zhang Kangyang and Antonello in a very clear way to convey Inter’s financial plan, the team will not make a big investment in the winter transfer period. At the meeting, the two people repeatedly stressed two words, one is “sustainability” and the other is “stability”. That is to say, during the epidemic period, Inter’s priority is to ensure the team’s long-term financial security. They will not gamble on the investment because of the chance to win the championship, laying a hidden danger for years of financial security. “Burn a champion, for fun, which tube behind the flood”, is not the operation of this inter policy.


The second point: Zhang Kangyang’s three promises to Kongdi. In the meeting, conti also put forward his requirements, which were approved by the decision-making level. One of Conti’s demands is not to set a “must-win” season goal. Inter’s decision-making for this season’s performance requirements is: the team has always been in the championship ranks. At present, the mainstream voice of public opinion is: because Conte’s team is out of the Champions League in embarrassment and disgrace, he should have a sense of responsibility to win the league, otherwise he will be the culprit of Inter. Recently, at several press conferences, reporters directly asked kondi, “do you feel the sense of responsibility that you have to win the championship?”

But in the past few months, conti has been praising how strong Juve are, how poor Inter’s foundation is, and even though his EQ is low, he has his starting point. On the one hand, he is decompression for the team, on the other hand, he is also very worried that the decision-making level will put crazy pressure on the team and gamble to win the championship. But in the meeting, Inter’s decision-makers were very pragmatic, with the atmosphere of “not thinking about winning, but thinking about losing first”.

Football is round. Although Inter have chances this season, competitive sports are always full of variables. A team that has not won the championship for ten years should “fight hard for its dream, so as not to leave regrets”, instead of shouting “if you don’t win the championship or die, if you can’t win the trophy, the whole team is a historical sinner”. All in all, Inter’s current competitive goal is to win, not to win. Kondi’s second request is that if the winter window is to introduce a substitute striker and a usable midfield, his request has been approved by the decision-making level.  Spark Global Limited

In short, Inter’s winter transfer plan is to sell the redundancies and then seize the opportunity to buy the “necessary” players. As for what players are necessary, the transfer team needs to cooperate with Conte. The third requirement of conte is that the team is overstaffed at present. Many players who can’t be used to stay in the team will affect the working atmosphere of the team. I hope it will be cleaned up. This needs to mention the past of the summer window.


By Ethan