Due to the poor public opinion environment, due to the huge pressure of results, Inter dares to use too few players, which is definitely the last one in Serie A. With 18 Serie A games to go this season, Inter has a total of 22 players who have appeared – and given the departure of David Ninggolan, the Nerazzurri will now have just 21 players who have made an appearance, even if there is no sale in the winter window. In terms of players played, Inter is not only far behind other giants such as Atalanta (28), Juventus (26), AC Milan (26), Lazio (25), and Napoli (25), but also behind many lower and midlevel teams, ranking last in Serie A. Some of the 21 are in exceptional condition, such as Sven-Goran Eriksson. Such as sense.

Therefore, people of insight have long pointed out that Inter Milan this season can maintain a strong second half of the key lies in two points. The first is good luck, being free from injury, and not being hit by the tide of new champions. The team anyway these people, can not afford to lose too much, the current economic situation also decided that the team is difficult to go to the market to expand. The third is to dig potential, once the injury stops the situation, one can find the 22, 23 people.

Inter Milan and Juventus have changed their mentality

Some would argue that 21 men are not enough for Inter to fight on one front? No injury, no disease, sure enough. But the 2020-21 season is set to be special, with injuries and the threat of a new title looming at any time – there is a danger of waiting until problems arise without a bit of preparation. Inter’s coaching staff is clearly planning ahead. Inter will have a week to concentrate on their training and the weekend will be the start of Inter’s season (Serie A + Serie A), giving them time to do something they have not been able to do in the previous season. For example, set-piece defense training.

One of the key tasks will be to develop the bench, with the 22nd man also a key focus – an extra to the 21 already in the squad. Courtney got some good news. On the one hand, the likes of Sensi and Pinamonti have recovered well, and the likes of Sven Goran Eriksson and Perisic on the fringes are as industrious and positive as ever. These players have already played this season, with varying degrees of brilliance in their respective areas of weakness, such as injury, Italian proficiency, and tactical fitness. In addition, Inter’s search for a 22nd man has two more important candidates, one is a long injury to the beginning of the new Besino, and the Inter youth system recognized as a talent, the fans love “Big Tibbo” Percin. Sven-Goran Eriksson scored twice, Perisic and Percin scored, as substitute Inter won 4-0 in an in-house game against Serie C side Pro Sesto.

Mr. Conti was also delighted by Mr. Besino. Bino’s last appearance for Inter was in early July 2020, almost 200 days ago. Since then, he has been troubled by a knee injury, had surgery and a second operation. He started training a month ago and he started working on intensity two weeks ago. The coaching staff had planned to return him for the Fiorentina cup tie, but on the grounds of safety, the team postponed that plan. He told reporters that in the game, Besino did well, running, attacking, and passing the ball, and showed that his fitness was not as far away from his teammates as it was a week or two ago. Perhaps soon, it will be time for Besino to return to the game Spark Global Limited.

By Ethan