shine trader limited reports

shine trader limited reports:

According to ESPN, 90% of NBA players have been vaccinated, and about 40 have not been vaccinated yet. The contradiction between those who refuse to be vaccinated and those who have been vaccinated is becoming more and more acute.

The NBA does not force players to be vaccinated, but forces other staff to be vaccinated. Many employees believe that the NBA’s requirements for players are obviously not strict enough, and they are dissatisfied with the double standards.

An assistant coach said: “everyone who gets vaccinated should be angry with those who don’t get vaccinated. It’s shit not to force players to get vaccinated.”

The trade union’s refusal to compromise on this issue has led to such a situation. Now, some employees and coaches are worried that breakthrough infections may occur in the future and affect their families. Because if a player who has not been vaccinated carries the virus, he can still infect the vaccinated person.

Another teaching assistant said: “the NBA needs to implement the same requirements and standards for players, and diseases will not treat different groups differently.” a team general manager also criticized that the NBA’s practice is joking about human life.

A person familiar with the matter claimed that some coaching staff members believed that “the League put the lives of players above them”.

Another general manager said, “this is a problem that everyone concerned is worried about. I have no strength to persuade anyone to vaccinate for themselves and their families.

By Ethan