Spark Global Limited reports:

Lillard has finished the journey of the American men’s basketball team in the Tokyo Olympic Games. Where he will go next will be one of the biggest focuses of this off-season.

According to Derek Bodner, the reporter of the competitor website, the 76ers are going all out to pursue Lillard. Morey, the president of the team, invested in this, just like competing for harden at the beginning of last season. At that time, Morey was very eager to get a beard.

Moreover, the 76 people’s priority to get Lillard goes beyond sending Simmons away. We can see how much they attach importance to Lillard. 76 people have been trying to send Simmons away, but they didn’t succeed because the price was too high.

When he was still in Tokyo, Lillard mentioned the team and made it clear that he was dissatisfied with the introduction of the trailblazers. “Obviously, we didn’t take the initiative to attack this round and didn’t get the players we like. At this time, you should look through the list, look for players who have not made commitments, and find people who can be part of your team. That’s what we do. ”

Lillard said he looked forward to playing for the Blazers next season. He wanted to end his career in Portland, but he said he had not made a final decision and he was still eager for the championship. “With the passage of time, if you want to win the championship, we must, we must make great progress to do this.

However, if the 76ers want to get Lillard, they don’t have a particularly good trading chip. The Blazers don’t necessarily want Simmons, and nbid is not for sale.

By Ethan