In recent times, Tottenham has suffered two defeats, first in the North London derby defeat to Arsenal, and then out of the humiliating Europa League. This dilemma has detonated some hidden dangers in the Tottenham team, and now Bell is dissatisfied with Mourinho’s exposure.

The cause of the matter was that Bell suddenly stated in an interview yesterday that he would return to Real Madrid this summer. Bell’s wording is very subtle. He said: “The main reason I came to Spurs is to make a steady appearance and maintain a good form before the European Cup. My plan is to return to Real Madrid after playing the European Cup this summer. Because I still have a one-year contract with Real Madrid.”

Bell’s statement was too straightforward. The Mirror claimed that many people at Tottenham are dissatisfied with Bell’s words, and some even think his actions are unreasonable. The former Real Madrid chairman Calderon gave another explanation, that is, Bell’s remarks actually vented his dissatisfaction with Mourinho. Take a look at Calderon’s statement: “Bell is dissatisfied with his time at Tottenham, and Mourinho seems to be unhappy with Bell’s statement. Mourinho did not count on Bell in many games. Bale is obviously disappointed by this. Perhaps this is why he wants to leave Tottenham and return to Real Madrid.”

Earlier, against Arsenal and the second round of the Europa League, Mourinho gave Bell a chance to play, and against Arsenal, Bell was placed in the starting lineup. After the Europa League, Bell won half an hour of playing time. However, in these two important games, the Spurs suffered a major defeat. Since then, Mourinho has made major changes to the lineup, replacing a number of main players, and Bale has become a victim.

In the game against Villa last weekend, Bell was placed on the bench and did not get even one second of playing time. “London Football” analysis pointed out that Mourinho used this behavior to express his dissatisfaction with the players, but this behavior of the madman is obviously unreasonable. Targeting so many players at a time can easily arouse large-scale dissatisfaction in the dressing room. No matter how you look at it, Mourinho is now in crisis. He must handle the relationship with the dressing room carefully, otherwise, he may repeat the tragic ending at Manchester United Spark Global Limited.

By Ethan