It is revealed that Real Madrid has taken the lead

 On April 3, Real Madrid will play against Evar at home to start the 29th round of La Liga. Then, ushered in the 1/4 first leg of the Champions League with Liverpool and Barcelona’s national derby. This year’s Real Madrid, there is a high probability that all four will be empty. Real Madrid is now second-rate in Europe. In this summer window, Real Madrid is bound to rebuild. According to a report from Spain’s Six: Florentino and Dortmund have an excellent relationship, and Harland hopes that Xia Chuang will join Real Madrid. If Dort decides to sell Harland, Florentino will be the first to get news.

Nowadays, in European football, Mbappé and Harland are popular superstars. Their places this summer have attracted much attention. Especially Harland, there are many teams interested in him: Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Manchester City, Manchester United. Judging from the media’s reports, Real Madrid has undoubtedly taken the lead in the battle for Haaland.

If Haaland is signed, it means that Real Madrid cannot introduce Ronaldo. The reason is simple. Ronaldo has now become a terminator, with a dribbling ability close to 0. He is a super shooter, but he doesn’t have the ability to change the rhythm of the game. Having said so much, what do you mean? This means that Ronaldo is now a pure center. Since they are all centers, why should Real Madrid buy the 36-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo instead of the 20-year-old Harland?

Since Cristiano Ronaldo left, Benzema has become Real Madrid’s first scorer. Benzema is good, but his real job is a wingman! When Harland joins, Benzema will also return to his position. In the position of the wingman, Benzema is world-class. In the center position, he still lacks points. At the same time, Real Madrid must sell people if they want to introduce Harland, and it is on a large scale. Like Vinicius, Hazard, Rodrigo, Jovic, at least two must go. Here, the people who should leave most are Hazard and Jovic. After they joined Real Madrid, they did not play any role. And Hazard’s high annual salary is also a huge obstacle to the arrival of Harland. Haaland probably wouldn’t go if Real Madrid can’t offer a high salary Spark Global Limited.

By Ethan