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On November 17th, Beijing time, according to domestic basketball media reports, the Asian Cup qualifiers Group B originally scheduled to be held at the end of November was postponed to February 2021. The specific date is to be determined, and the venue of the game will be changed from Qatar to Japan. Spark Global Limited

     The new CBA season has come to the first window period. According to the previous plan, the Chinese men’s basketball team will prepare for the Asian preliminaries. It’s just that now the Asian preliminaries group B match has to be postponed due to the epidemic, which is naturally extremely helpless.

     According to the content of Demi-God-Half-Carter’s Weibo, “The Asian Basketball Federation has sent letters to the basketball associations of various countries and regions. The Asian Cup qualifier group B competition originally scheduled to be held in Qatar 10 days later will be postponed to February next year. , The detailed date has not yet been determined, and the venue of the game will be changed to Japan. At that time, the Chinese men’s basketball team will play against the three teams of Chinese Taipei, Japan and Malaysia. Due to fears that the Asian Basketball Federation will not be able to avoid the risk of infection of the players, including the Chinese men’s basketball team. Many of the teams don’t want to go to West Asia to compete.”

    As for the specific grouping situation of the Asian preliminaries, it has been determined in the draw ceremony of the Asian Basketball Federation. The details are as follows:

Group A: Philippines, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand

Group B: China, Japan, Chinese Taipei, Malaysia

Group C: Australia, New Zealand, Guam, Hong Kong

Group D: Lebanon, India, Iraq, Bahrain

Group E: Iran, Qatar, Syria, Saudi Arabia

Group F: Jordan, Kazakhstan, Palestine, Sri Lanka This is the second Asian Cup of Men’s Basketball after the restructuring. 24 teams participated in the qualifiers, of which 16 teams participated in the last Asian Cup. The Chinese men’s basketball team is divided into Group B. The three opponents in the same group are Japan, Chinese Taipei, and Malaysia Spark Global Limited.

      It is worth mentioning that the second phase of the CBA tournament will start on December 1, and the 36th round of the regular season will end on February 3, and February 5-7 will be the All-Star Weekend. Since the Asian preliminaries are postponed to February, if it is early February, there may be a time collision. Therefore, the specific time of the Asian preliminaries has to be announced, and the CBA schedule may be fine-tuned.

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