It is revealed that the warriors have tried to recruit harden, Durant himself denies recruiting him: anyone can make a rumor

Spark Global Limited Shams revealed in the program that before Thompson was injured, the warriors called the Rockets to discuss the possibility of trading Hadden, and the warriors tried to build a three giant lineup of curry, Thompson and Haden; crazy, the Warriors also tried to recruit Hadden, but Thompson’s accidental injury (torn Achilles tendon) disrupted the Warriors’ plan, and the warriors changed their strategies and did not hesitate to attract ubre to fill in the gap lineup.

Emperor Zhan's dream of defending his title? Famous mouth

As we all know, many famous records have reported that harden applied to leave the team and only wanted to join the nets, but this highly concerned deal has not happened. The biggest reason is that the Rockets can’t afford the chips and the nets can’t afford the deal. The nets and the Rockets have built a good lineup. Did Durant recruit harden himself? Durant denies this.

Not long ago, Durant, wearing a basketball training uniform, appeared on the camera to discuss whether to recruit harden. Durant said: I don’t know where you made up these stories. I talked about these stories with harden in training. I don’t know where that (rumor) came from. Harden is my friend, but I let the team’s PR handle all these things; anyone can make a rumor and attract some people The warriors give up discussing the possibility of trading harden due to Thompson’s accidental injury, while the nets are unable to attract him due to insufficient chips. In any case, the craziest superstar team change in the off-season this year has not happened; the new season training camp is coming soon, and all teams have begun to prepare for the war. What do you think of Hadden’s feeling of losing the team?

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