Gymnast, athlete, Li Ning

The first time to take part in a big competition was defeated before the match, which let Li Ning as falling ice cave, that night, he also couldn’t sleep. The flashbacks of myself and my coach working so hard. The heart has unwilling Li Ning gritted his teeth and said to the doctor: as long as you let me have a feeling, I can play, can turn! It was followed by painful muscle feeling training. When Li Ning could not stand up, he would lie on the bed with his feet to allow himself to slowly adapt and recover. Two days later, he was able to jump standing on both feet, and in order to compete in the best condition, he had a plastic appliance tied to his whole foot. Is in such a “disabled” state, Li Ning such as God as the world as the sweep of the World Cup gymnastics! He won 6 gold MEDALS in 7 events, creating a myth in the history of gymnastics! The world is amazing!

Gymnast, athlete, Li Ning

That year, on the world stage, the Chinese Gymnastics team raised the five-star red flag for the first time! Later, Li Ning’s life is like open hanging! In the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games, Li Ning won three gold, two silver, and one bronze in one go, becoming the athlete who won the most MEDALS at the current Olympic Games. The name of Li Ning is resounding throughout China! When Li Ning returned to his hometown that year, Nanning, Guangxi, caused a sensation in the city. Everywhere he went, accompanied by thunderous applause and cheers, the sound of firecrackers shook the sky and the earth, and it was very beautiful.

Li Ning, became the Chinese hero of that era! However, Li Ning is mortal and not an iron man, after all, many years of gymnastics, let Li Ning injury, serious ankle sprain injury, chest muscle injury, shoulder and back injury…… But at that time, when China was poor and poor, people desperately needed someone to “win glory and add luster” to the nation. So in the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, Li Ning did not want to be accused of running away from the battle. At the age of 25, he was forced to compete. However, accidents happened. He accidentally got his foot hooked on the ring during the ring competition, and he landed on a butt in the vault.

Li Ning’s “failure” made countless people jaw-dropping, and his “weird” smile when he stood up ignited the anger of the Chinese people: But it seems to me that laughter is just a muscular response to force a panicked self to calm down at the height of a breakdown. Behind this smile, in fact, only endless sadness. Li Ning knew very well that he was finished. Sure enough, after returning to China, Li Ning was first ridiculed by airport personnel: which fall bad? Do you have to fall at the Olympics? Later, the audience sent razor blades, bullets, and someone sent him a rope to let him die: you are worthy of the Chinese gymnastics “dead” son, fast hang yourself! 100-1=99, but for Li Ning: 100-1=0.Failed to retreat in the work, waiting for his end, was actually hit into the abyss, ten thousand people revile. The last thing people remember is the last fall, but no one cares about the 14 world championships and 106 gold MEDALS he won with his youth and pain! Poor retirement of Li Ning from scratch, invested in 200 thousand sea business, slowly created their own brand, until 2009 earned 8.4 billion before stepping back.

By Ethan