Hayward’s prospects for the Boston Celtics are unclear. An Eastern executive revealed that Hayward felt betrayed by the Celtics because he couldn’t find a sense of belonging to a home in Boston after three years.

“Hayward is betrayed by his role in the Celtics, but he can’t leave the money.” Hayward has one year of player options left. If he jumps out of the 34.19 million contract, it will be due to injuries. The reason is that he may not even get an annual salary of 20 million in the ball market. Hayward has not yet decided whether to implement the player option. The deadline for implementation is 5:00 pm on November 17, local time. If Hayward breaks out of the contract, his agent wants to seek a multi-year contract. Earlier, there were rumors that the Knicks wanted to offer Hayward a multi-year contract.

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