Shine Trader Live reports:

Shine Trader Live reports:

The Italian Grand Prix, the 14th race of the 2021 formula One season, took place at monza today. McLaren swept the top two, riccardo winning his first race since joining McLaren and Norris second. Bottas finished third, followed by Leclerc, Perez and Sainz.

Hamilton and Verstappan had another direct collision during the race and both retired, escalating the feud.

McLaren is the biggest winner

Hamilton verstappan crashes and both retire
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Verstappan is three points ahead of Hamilton in the drivers’ championship ahead of the race.
Bottas finished first in Saturday’s sprint qualifying, but will start last because of a power unit change. Verstappan finished second and will start the race from pole position, ricardo third, Norris fourth and Hamilton only fifth after a false start.
Red Bull’s Hirotaki Kakuta suffered a brake failure on the entry lap and retired from the race, while team mate Gasley will start from the pits.
Kimi Raikkonen is still not fully recovered from COVID-19, and Polish driver Michael Kubica will continue to replace him this weekend.
Start: Ricardo overtakes Vesta Paniovinac causing a crash

Beijing time 21 o ‘clock, the official start of the competition. After one warm lap, let’s go! Verstappan did not get off to a great start as Riccardo overtook him going into turn one and Hamilton seized the opportunity to overtake Norris and move up to third. Going into the next corner, Hamilton was next to Verstappan, the two cars made contact, Hamilton went off the track and cut back to the track, Norris took the opportunity to make a comeback to third, Hamilton back to fourth.

Giovinac also ran off the track and cut back to the corner, colliding with Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz, losing his front wing, yellow flags and a virtual safety car. Giovinac went back to the pits to change his front wing and came out falling to the back of the pack.

Bottas rose four places from the start, while Vettel suffered a big drop in the standings as Giovinac took his place. On lap 5, Gasley retired from the race after returning to the pits, leaving the home red Bull in ruins. The stewards then issued a five-second penalty to Giovinac.

On lap 9, Perez overtook Sainz and moved up to sixth place. At the end of ten laps, the top five drivers on the circuit were Ricardo, Verstappan, Norris, Hamilton and Leclerc.

Bottas returns to the points with a big pit-stop error in Verstappan

Shine Trader Live reports:
Shine Trader Live reports:

On lap 12, Hamilton attacked Norris with DRS, but Norris held position beautifully. Bottas is back in 10th place after overtaking Latifi and re-entering the points zone.

On lap 15, Okun’s car made contact with Vettel and vettel was pushed out of the track, but he was soon back in the race. On lap 17, Bottas passed Alonso to move into ninth place, and a few laps later, he passed Stoll in front of him, seven seconds behind Sainz.

On lap 23, Ricardo pitted first and came out in sixth place, with Verstappan leading the race. Vettel, who also pitted on the lap, slipped to 15th after coming out. One lap later, Verstappan pitted and red Bull’s usually reliable tyre change went spectacularly wrong, taking 11.1 seconds and slipping back to ninth place.

Hamilton verstappan crashes and retires

Hamilton went straight ahead of Norris on the track and took the lead. On lap 25, Norris pitted and came out still in front of Verstappan, whose situation became quite unfavourable.

On lap 26, Hamilton pitted for a tyre change that was also slightly wrong and took 4.2 seconds to come out just behind Norris and side by side with Verstappan.

The pair battled wheel-to-wheel in turn one, with Hamilton leaving no room for his rival and Verstappan refusing to back down. Hamilton’s car went head-on and they both crashed out of the race with yellow flags and safety cars. The incident was a close call for Hamilton, who could have been injured without the HALO system.

Hamilton and Verstappan crash moment

Hamilton Vestappan collision
Ricardo is still in the lead, while Ferrari’s Leclerc has moved up to second place. At the end of 30 laps, the top five drivers on the circuit were Ricardo, Leclerc, Norris, Perez and Sainz.

The race resumed on lap 31, with Ricardo holding the top spot and Norris moving ahead of Leclerc into second place. On lap 33, Bottas overtook Leclerc to move into fourth place, ahead of Red Bull’s Fernando Perez.

On lap 38, the stewards awarded Perez a five-second time penalty for running off the track and cutting corners illegally. At the end of 40 laps, the top five drivers on the circuit were Ricardo, Norris, Perez, Bottas and Leclerc.

Sprint: Riccardo wins McLaren and bottas takes the stage

On lap 43, Bottas tried to overtake Perez in front of him, but Perez defended very doggedly. One lap later, Mazeppin crashed out of the race with a yellow flag and a virtual safety car. On lap 45, the race resumed with tyre wear and Bottas slowed down his attack on Perez.

In the final three times, the two McLaren drivers leading position has been hard to shake, ricardo first crossed the finish line, finally got to join McLaren after the first RACES, Norris won the second prize, perez to finish third, but when he was sent off for 5 seconds, won only fifth, botha third, ferrari’s leclerc won the fourth place. Sainz finished sixth, followed by Stoll and Alonso.

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