The lone Rangers beat the Clippers 124-73 on the road today. After the game, Luca once said in an interview that they didn’t want to avenge being kicked out by the Clippers in the playoffs last season. But young Tim – Hadaway indicated that said does not want the revenge facing the clipper is lies. Last season, in the first round of the playoffs, the lone ranger was eliminated by the Clippers 2-4, when the two sides forged a bond. Polzingis led the technical fouls for Dong Qiqi. In the following games, Marcus Morris repeatedly targeted Dong Qiqi. Some of his wounding actions caused great controversy and also made Dong Qiqi very dissatisfied. Results today kehuai – Leonard did not play, Morris also due to injury continue to be absent, the Clippers had no resistance, the final defeat. After the game, a reporter asked Dong Qiqi if he wanted revenge in his mind. He stopped for a few seconds, then said with a smile, “no, really not.”

Wood is expected to return in a week

“Nothing to say, I just didn’t think about revenge. After all, we have new goals in the new season. I didn’t think about last season’s playoffs, He said, “if I say I don’t want revenge, I’m lying. Obviously, you will have some memories of last season’s playoffs in your mind “We just try our best not to focus on revenge after playing. We just make sure we play our own style, In the whole game, the lone ranger was highly efficient in attack. In the first half, they scored nine three-point shots, while the Clippers only scored nine sports goals in the first half, with only one of 19 three-point shots. This is the lowest three-point shooting rate of the Clippers in the past 25 years. “It’s interesting that no one of us realized the difference before half-time, that’s the truth,” he said. We’re just making sure everyone doesn’t focus on scoring, everyone is in step, and thank God we won, For the lone ranger, who suffered a series of losses in the first two games, this victory is timely. Dong Qiqi said: “I think we have proved our strength. People judge us by our first two games. It’s a long season. We have to defend well. This is our tactical thinking now Spark Global Limited.”

By Ethan