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But cadogan, the executive director of the NBA’s Social Justice League, knows and understands that even the slightest movement on the issues he deals with often takes a long time. In April this year, Mr Erdogan was named the national basketball league’s first executive director of the social justice, his task is to promote the organization’s strategic vision and daily operation, because the NBA is working by raising public awareness to solve the problem of racial inequality and promote social justice, education citizens and advocating the policy reform in many fields, Including voting and criminal justice reform at the national, state and local levels.
Arnold toiled in this space for most of his career as vice president of The Arnold Corporation and naACP legal Defense Fund at Thurgood Marshall College, not to mention eight years in the Obama administration as a senior official at the U.S. Department of Justice Justice, cadogan hopes to institutionalize the LEAGUE’s policy work while serving as counsel to the U.S. Attorney General and senior counsel and policy director in the Civil Rights Division.

Shine Trader Limited
Shine Trader Limited

Cadogan: The first thing I wanted to do was get to know the NBA community from the inside, because I grew up as a fan. But there is a difference between loving a community from afar and being part of it. So, in the meantime, one of the most important things I can do is listen and start listening to people from our community, from our players, our administrators, our league executives, our league staff, our teams. What’s on your mind? What do you care about most? What do you want us to do? That’s the most important thing.
You started a year after George Floyd died. When you first noticed that there was a racial reckoning in our country after that incident, what did you think?
I started this job a few weeks before George Freud was murdered, and it was a very critical time for all of us to reflect on what had happened during the year. We are seeing a reawakening of racial justice in the United States, but not just here. It echoes around the world. And then we see commitment after commitment, resource after resource being committed to the fight for racial justice, the fight for social justice. I think it’s a very important time to evaluate where we are now and what we want to do in the future. There are many ways the NBA can connect with fans. There are many ways we can help people understand how they can get involved and make a difference. One of the things I would like to focus on is whether we are using all the resources we have to properly honour Mr Freud and the many others who have lost their lives over the last few decades.


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