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On December 30, 2020, LeBron James, the superstar of the Lakers, celebrated his 36th birthday, his 18th since he entered the NBA. As the most watched superstar in the league, how did James spend his 17th birthday? Let’s look back——

December 30, 2003, 19th birthday

It was James’ first birthday in the league, just in time for the home game against Pacers. Facing Miller’s team, James got 22 points, 10 rebounds and 4 assists, but the team failed to win the game and lost by 3 points. I didn’t win the game, but James was blessed. Paul Silas, the coach of the Cavaliers, gave James a basketball statue. Paxson, the general manager of the Cavaliers, also gave James a puppet shaking his head.Spark Global Limited

At that time, James had just finished his 32nd game in his career, but he was already the favorite of the media. Since his birthday was the same day as that of golf superstar woods, a well-known magazine compared the two and discussed whether James would become the next Michael Jordan in the NBA.

December 30, 2004 20th birthday

James may be impressed by his 20th birthday. The day before his birthday, the Cavaliers played rockets at home. James’s family and friends had already planned to hold a grand birthday party for him in a famous bar in Cleveland. They were waiting for him to go hi after playing rockets. Did not expect this game, James accidental injury, uncle Mu an elbow hit James in the face, causing his left cheek bone fracture.


The original birthday party had to be cancelled. Fortunately, James’ injury was not serious. After playing the Rockets, their opponent was Charlotte Bobcats (now Hornets). During the four-day break, James didn’t stop playing, but insisted on playing with a transparent mask, contributing 26 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists to help the team win with an advantage of 11 points.


December 30, 2005 21st birthday


James’s 21st birthday, no game, he can finally enjoy a birthday party. Relatives and friends prepared for him early. On that day, James appeared in a white suit and a black Rolls Royce. He first had dinner with 65 guests in the VIP Hall, and then went downstairs to greet more than 1000 fans. The fans buy tickets for admission, which range from $50 to $300. They also brought a mountain of gifts for James, which could not be pulled out by a truck.


Famous rapper Lear Wayne sang live to celebrate James’ birthday. James blew out the candles on the birthday cake. According to the local law, he can only drink at the age of 21, so that night was also James’s first drink. He excitedly showed his ID card to the bar: “look! I can drink now


December 30, 2006 22nd birthday


It’s another birthday on the day of the game. Since entering the league, James has scored 30 + four times on his birthday, and his 22-year-old birthday is the first time. Against Lowell Deng and the bulls, James scored 33 points and 9 rebounds, shooting 57% and 3-for-3, but that wasn’t enough to help him win. The Cavaliers lost 96-103 to the bulls and Deng Hong scored 32 points.


“Happy birthday, LeBron, we give you a defeat,” read a poster at the Bulls stadium It’s a depressing birthday for James.


December 30, 2007 23rd birthday


Wearing No. 23 Jersey, James ushered in his 23rd birthday. This should be a lucky day, but because of speeding on the highway, James got a ticket, of course, this ticket did not destroy James’s good mood.


Jay-Z had a great birthday party for James in New York. Many stars in the entertainment circle came to celebrate James’ birthday. Beyonce also dedicated a song for James, the scene is very hot. James was photographed with many people, including rich Paul, who later became his agent. At that time, rich Paul was already a good friend of James.


December 30, 2008, 24th birthday


James’s 24th birthday, spent in Miami, the day the Cavaliers away against the heat. At 95-104, James lost to his brother Wade. In that game, James scored 38 points, 7 assists and 2 blocks, but the heat scored double and finally defeated the Cavaliers. So far, James’ birthday night game has lost all three games. After the game, a reporter talked about the complete defeat of the three wars, James joked: “I’m very sad, almost crying.”


Of course, he was just joking. It was the 31st game of the Cavaliers’ 2008-09 season, and the loss to the heat was only the fifth game they lost. Wade gave James a big hug and wished him a happy birthday. A reporter asked Wade what gift he gave James. Wade’s response was: “nothing. He has more money than me.”


December 30, 2009 25th birthday


On his 25th birthday, James finally broke the magic spell and ushered in his first victory on birthday night. This time, the Cavaliers’ opponent was the Hawks. James scored 48 points, 10 rebounds and 6 assists. After the game, James and his teammates took a group photo on the field to celebrate their birthday. Everyone put on their birthday hats, and tens of thousands of fans witnessed this happy and sweet moment.


Later, James held a birthday party in barroom, Cleveland, and many stars, including Drake, were present to congratulate him. “Shark” O’Neill prepared a big gift for James: the $400000 Rolls Royce phantom.


December 30, 2010 26th birthday


On his 26th birthday, James held a party to celebrate his birthday in the most luxurious Gans Walter bar in Miami. In addition to the friends and family group led by the wades, many celebrities from the sports and entertainment circles came to celebrate his birthday, including popular actress Kelly Rowland and “R & B prodigy” Neo. A cake taller than James himself became the focus of the party. James and Savannah, who was still his girlfriend at that time, took a group photo with a smile in front of the cake.


December 30, 2011, 27th Birthday


On his 27th Birthday, James led the heat to beat the Timberwolves 103-101, scoring 34 points, 8 rebounds and 10 assists, winning the 400th game of his career. James put off his birthday party one day, but this time it caused some controversy.


Hickman, a local female cake maker in Miami, offered James team a $3000 red and white crown cake for free, hoping to bring publicity. However, James used another golden lion cake on his birthday night, which made Hickman feel humiliated, so she made a claim for $3000 to James team.


At that birthday party, James also proposed to his girlfriend Savannah and gave her a $300000 5-carat diamond ring. The two married in 2013.


December 30, 2012, 28th birthday


James’s 28th birthday, between two away games. The day before their birthday, the heat lost 85-104 to bucks, while the day after their birthday, the heat won 112-110 away to magic. James, 28, has tasted the taste of his first championship and is rushing to the second.


“Sports Illustrated” gave such a comment: “young James is now standing on the top of the mountain, there is no doubt that this is the most famous athlete on the planet, we have heard these cliches many times, but it is still accurate, and James is gradually surpassing the sport.”

By Ethan