Jazz ranks first in the official strength list

NBA regular season continues, the official announced the latest issue of the team strength list. The Utah Jazz, the best in the league, continued to top the list, with the Brooklyn nets and the Los Angeles Lakers ranking second and third respectively. The Milwaukee Bucks, who have won five games in a row, rebounded to fifth place, while the Los Angeles Clippers, who have won two of the last three games, fell to sixth place. Because of the Timberwolves, the Rockets avoided being at the bottom of the list.



1. Jazz 27-7 (1) last week’s ranking in brackets, the same below


For the fourth season in a row, the Jazz ranked in the top two in terms of the percentage of hits or three-point percentage in the opponent’s restricted zone. Thanks to Gerber’s ability to protect the basket, they will let their opponents go after they break into the three-point line, so if you can take the chance to make a mid shot, you have a better chance to win. That’s what the heat did. They made 20 of 36 shots from the restricted zone to the three-point line. The Jazz have scored at least 20 free zone 2-points four times this season, three of which were lost by the jazz, their only three defeats in the past seven and a half weeks.


Last week, the Jazz suspended the Lakers in the most important game. They also rebounded quickly after losing to the heat. They will finish the first half of the season in Philadelphia.


2. Nets 22-13 (2)


Durant continued his truce. He missed 12 of the last 13 games before the all stars. The three all stars played together for 186 minutes. When all three were present, they beat their opponents by 8.4 points per 100 rounds. Since the harden deal, the three giants have won 7.4 points per 100 rounds in 424 minutes when there are two players present, and then one giant has lost 2.8 points per 100 rounds in 378 minutes. When the number of the big three on the court changes, the defensive data of the nets is relatively stable, and the offensive data is greatly affected. Owen missed out on the lone Rangers, which ended the Nets’ 8-game winning streak. They played the most inefficient offensive game since early January.


In addition, the nets also need to pay attention to error control. During the winning streak, they only made 11.6 errors per 100 rounds, compared with 14.8 before. Losing to the lone Rangers ended the Nets’ 9-game winning streak against the West. This season, they are 11-4 against the West and 6-1 at the West Stadium. They will play two games in Texas this week.


3. The Lakers are 24-11 (3)


The Lakers stumbled into an all star. They not only wanted to make sure Davis was healthy, but also gave LeBron a rest. In the past six games, the Laker team has only 104.2 points per 100 rounds. Schroeder’s return has brought them to the end of a four game losing streak. The Blazers and warriors have only 91 points per 100 rounds, resulting in 36 mistakes in two games. In the past three weeks, the offensive efficiency of the Lakers has dropped from seventh to 18th. In the first four and a half weeks of the season, the Lakers ranked third in the league with a three-point shooting rate of 40%. After that, they only hit 30.2% (the worst in the League). In these 19 games, Gasol is the only player with a three-point shooting rate higher than 33%. After two wins in a row, the Lakers are 5-6 against the top eight in the West. On Wednesday, they will play Paul led Suns for the first time.


4. Suns 22-11 (4)


The Suns have been 14-3 since January 28. Last Thursday, they let the Hornets get 79 points in the paint area or the free throw line, and Paul got 41 points in his next 23 rounds, which became the key to their loss. In February, the Suns had the second attack in the league, and Booker’s attack efficiency was significantly improved. When there were six players in the team, with an average of at least 2.5 three-point shots, the shooting rate was better than 39%. At present, the Suns have only played seven games (4-3) with the top eight in the Western Conference, and they will meet the Lakers and warriors before the all star.


5. Bucks 21-13 (7)


The Bucks were 10-5 in February. They started the month with five straight wins and ended the month with five straight wins. Most importantly, they have won as many crucial moments in the past four days as they did in the first nine weeks of the season. In the fast break, they beat the pelicans and Clippers 43-7. Brother Letterman scored key goals in both games. No matter when he met Adams or the Clippers’ small inside line, brother Letterman made full use of the chance of dislocation. Dallo and brother Letterman at the defensive end protected the inside line very well. In 22 key rounds of the two games, they only let the opponent get 14 points. The bucks are back in the first place in the East. In the second half of the season, they will play the 76ers three times and the nets two times.


6. Clippers 24-12 (5)


Since the return of cajiao, the clippers have been 3-3 in a difficult race. Although it has the fourth offensive in the league, the clippers have lost three games in the past eight days, with a net loss of 43 points (13-56) in the fast break and 70 points (54-124) in the restricted zone. In Milwaukee on Monday, they didn’t score for seven consecutive rounds at the critical moment, and they couldn’t create free throws. Among the players who made at least 25 key mistakes, Leonard made 7 of 25 shots (28% of the shots), 2 of 2 in the restricted zone, and only 5 of 23 shots. Clippers this season in the corner three-point shooting rate of 51%, George, small Mo and Leonard respectively in 1, 2, 4, if they can not create a breakthrough, create a corner three-point opportunity for them is also a good choice.


76 22-12 (6)


Enbeide has not been good at throwing in the past four games. He missed the winner in regular time, which allowed the Cavaliers to beat the 76ers in extra time. This season, the 76ers only beat their opponents on the three-point ball nine times. In these games, they are 7-2 and lost two games to the Cavaliers. On Sunday, the Cavaliers scored 56 points in the restricted zone, including 10 in extra time, when hounbead was noticeably slow. In February, the 76ers, 7-6, still hold the first place in the East, but they will welcome the Jazz before the all star.


8. Nuggets 18-15 (9)


The Nuggets are 12-6 in the last five minutes, but they are only 6-9 in the critical moment. Five of the nine losses are lost to the kings and the wizards, which is why they fell from the third place in the west to the seventh. Murray’s condition continued to warm up. He was very efficient on the offensive end. In 894 minutes when Murray and Jokic were present together, the Nuggets scored 122 points every 100 rounds, winning 11.6 points. But in 485 minutes when only one of the two players was present, the team only got 104.9 points per 100 rounds, with a net loss of 3.9 points. This season against the Eastern team, Nuggets only 5-6.


9. Warriors 19-16 (11)


Warriors attack is really ornamental, but their defense should be better. In the past three weeks in February, they have ranked first in defense, with eight opponents scoring no more than 105 points per 100 rounds in 12 games. Wiggins, ubre and green all play an important defensive role. But after losing to the Lakers, green sprained his ankle, which will affect their defense. In the 317 minutes when green was absent and curry led, the warriors lost 3.3 points per 100 rounds. The warriors are 5-7 (2-5 away) against the top 8 in the west this season. Their last two games before the holiday are all away, against the Blazers and Suns.


10. Spurs 17-12 (10)


Spurs squandered the first game after the second round and the double-digit lead was reversed. They were the team with the highest help loss ratio in the history of the league, but mills dribbled twice at the critical moment, which gave DORT the chance to win. Against pelicans, the Spurs almost squandered the fourth quarter’s 10 point lead. Fortunately, Derozan scored the key ball and they kept the victory. The Spurs are the only team that hasn’t won in the second back-to-back game (0-4). They will play against the nets and the Knicks.

By Ethan