Jia Xiuquan responded to the outside move

       On April 7, Beijing time, at 3 o’clock tomorrow afternoon, the first round of the Tokyo Olympic Games play-off match between the Chinese women’s football and the Korean women’s football team will be held in Goyang, South Korea. The Chinese women’s football team, led by the head coach Jia Xiuquan, has successfully arrived in Goyang City yesterday for the final preparations. However, there were also some “turns and turns”. The women’s football girls were stranded for two and a half hours when they entered the Incheon Airport. A small number of fans and the media think this is an “outside the game” of the South Korean team.

The Korean Football Association responded to this “outside the game” statement yesterday, saying that it did not make a difference and increase the difficulties of the Chinese women’s football team. At the pre-match press conference just now, the Chinese women’s football coach Jia Xiuquan also responded to the “outside the game”. Gui Xiuquan Jia believes that the long entry time is not an “outside move” for the Chinese women’s football team, but the responsible performance of the Korean epidemic prevention department to the Chinese women’s football team. At the same time, he also said that for the waiting time, “we don’t have any I am also grateful for the serious work of South Korea Spark Global Limited.”

Jia Xiuquan’s guidance can be said to be leak-proof. For the Chinese women’s football team, the most important thing at present is to devote all their energy to preparing for the game. So even if there are “off-the-board moves”, they shouldn’t be at this time. Said that because this will distract the players, it is not conducive to the final preparations.

And this also reflects the pattern of the Chinese women’s football team, which does not take this time at the airport seriously.

In order to prepare for this game, the women’s football girls have been preparing for a long time and have been in Suzhou for the final training before going to South Korea. However, in order to prevent the tactics from being exposed in advance, Jia Xiuquan has always kept the training camp strictly confidential, and even the girls have arrived in Korea. We still don’t know which players have gone to Korea. After the pre-match press conference, the Chinese women’s football team finally announced the 20-man roster for tomorrow’s game on the official social account. The main players such as Wang Shuang and Wu Haiyan have all entered the roster, but Li Ying and Gu Yasha Several important players, including Liu Shanshan, missed this play-off trip.

The opponents of the South Korean women’s football team have three players who played in the Premier League entered the big list of the game. It can be said that the Chinese women’s football game tomorrow will be a tough battle.

At the pre-match press conference, Jia Xiuquan expressed that he hopes that as a coach, he and the girls of the Chinese women’s football team can get this Olympic ticket together, and the schedule is also beneficial to Jia Xiuquan’s guidance to realize this wish.

Since it is an away game, so for the Chinese women’s football team, victory in this game is not the key. The most important thing is to find ways to score away goals. This will be very beneficial to our home second leg a week later. . Although the competition is expected to be very difficult, we firmly believe that the women’s football girls will be able to play steadily and bring us back a good result.

By Ethan