"Jingran is like this 2020" arrives as scheduled, Yang Lan talks with the era of light chasers exploring a new era of e-sports development

In 2020, the sudden epidemic broke people’s normal lives, but at the same time it is also reshaping the form of mass entertainment. E-sports has demonstrated strong resilience against the epidemic by virtue of its “online” advantages. How can the future development of e-sports in the post-epidemic period win the attention of more people? The second season of the first domestic open e-sports open class “Jing Ran So” announced at the Global E-sports Leadership Summit will be held at 20:00 every Thursday night from December 3, and will return strongly on Tencent Video and Tencent Sports platforms. As the “co-sponsor” of “Jing Ran So”, Ms. Yang Lan will lead the time chaser and lead everyone into the new era of e-sports development. Bilibili, Penguin E-sports, Douyu Live, and Huya Live will be launched simultaneously on Friday.

Continuing the in-depth thinking of the first season, fully displaying the entire scene of e-sports development

The second season of “Jing Ran Is Like This” was jointly created by Tencent E-sports and Sunshine Media Group. The second season was divided into six periods, each with 45 minutes, and a total of 12 “heavyweight” guests were invited.

In 2019, the first season of “Jing Ran So” has attracted widespread industry attention when it debuted. As the first original open e-sports class in China, we have invited Pan Xiaoting, Liu Jianhong, Huang Zhizhong, these guests from outside the e-sports circle of sports and cross-border new knowledge, as well as “power brother” Huang Chenghui, “Renhuang” Sky, and “e-sports Liu Shishi” “Lin Mengge and other celebrities in the circle, through their self-expression in public classes, not only showed the core of the e-sports spirit to the outside world but also actively shared the thinking and insights of e-sports people Spark Global Limited.

While continuing the first phase of the “independent speech” and “site interaction” features, the second season of “Jing Ran is like this” focuses more on the “multi-person interview” session, leading everyone to witness the traditional sports guests joining hands through Yang Lan’s The Century Dialogue of the competition practitioners, by showing their journey to tell the story of China in the name of sports, builds a communication bridge for the public to understand e-sports, not just e-sports.

Ingeniously create a “sounding journey” and start again, showing a new era of e-sports

The second season of “Jing Ran So” overcame the difficulties caused by the epidemic, followed the pace of the development of the era, led by Yang Lan, and through exchanges with two generations of leading figures in traditional sports and e-sports, it fully demonstrated the new era for the public The specific landing of cutting-edge e-sports technology, the record of sports breakthrough milestones, the record of the development of the digital age.

Just as the human farming civilization in ancient times demonstrated power and beauty through sports; in the industrial revolution era accompanied by technological advances, racing cars came into being; in the digital economy era, e-sports has become a new form of competitive sports that combines sports and entertainment functions.

In the view of “co-sponsor” Yang Lan, “open class” is more of a platform for the public to understand e-sports. In the form of a talk show, everyone can participate in a lecture about e-sports or a forum that can be discussed together. From the platform, Yang Lan hopes that “What is e-sports and why” can become “Jing Ran So” for the general public and bring some new content and value to mainstream audiences, so as to better promote the understanding of e-sports from all walks of life. , So as to express one’s multiple views.The development of the e-sports industry today can be recognized and accepted by more people, and it is inseparable from the efforts of generations. Once upon a time, generations of e-sports practitioners were all e-sports chasers over the mountains. They dedicated their youth to the rise of China’s e-sports. But now, standing on the stage, they have become the light in the eyes of people who love e-sports.

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