On July 5, 10 days after the release of the “Full text of the “Investigation Report on Public Safety Responsibility Incidents of Baiyin Jingtai “5.22” Yellow River Stone Forest 100km Cross-Country Race””, the General Administration of Sports, the Department of Emergency Management, the General Administration of Market Supervision, and the China Meteorological Administration 11 The departments jointly issued the “Opinions on Further Strengthening the Safety Supervision Service of Sports Events” (hereinafter referred to as the “Opinions”). (Relevant reports in the past: 5 people from the race company were arrested and 27 cadres were held accountable! Gansu cross-country accident investigation and handling results announced)


The opinion puts forward, clarifying the supervision principles of combining government supervision and industry self-discipline, implementing hierarchical and classified management, strengthening supervision during and after the event, and combining supervision and service, and requires the following rules: “who approves (filing), who is responsible”, “who sponsors, The requirements of “who is responsible” and “who is in charge, who is responsible” shall comprehensively strengthen the safety supervision of sports events.


In the next step, national sports events will usher in a major rectification. The General Administration of Sports will issue the “Special Rectification and Management Plan for Sports Events”, in-depth development of special rectification and management of sports events across the country, and pull the net through the development of hidden dangers in the field of sports events. A special action for large-scale investigation and rectification, focusing on timely investigation and rectification of hidden dangers in sports events, actively preventing and dissolving various safety risks in the field of sports events, ensuring the safe holding of sports events, and promoting the healthy development of sports.


In addition, sports events will have laws to follow, and the next step will be to establish a sound accountability mechanism for safety incidents in sports events. The “Opinions” stated that organizers of sports events that violate relevant regulations and cause personal injury, property damage and other safety accidents shall be given administrative penalties, industry sanctions and even criminal liabilities in accordance with the law. Responsible units and persons responsible for inadequate supervision of sports events, resulting in personal injury, property damage, and other safety accidents shall be given corresponding sanctions in accordance with the law.


The “management” of the regulatory authorities must keep up with the “release”


As we all know, the executive meeting of the State Council in September 2014 proposed to cancel the approval of commercial and mass sports events, and to loosen the restrictions on sports events to the greatest extent. Subsequently, the State Council issued the “Several Opinions on Accelerating the Development of the Sports Industry and Promoting Sports Consumption” (referred to as “Guofa No. 46”), further expressly stipulating that administration should be streamlined, delegated power, decentralized, and integrated, and commercial and mass sports event approvals should be cancelled.


However, in recent years, there have been frequent accidents in sports events, and this time the Silver Cross-country race has exposed the problem of “management” far behind “release”. For a long time, cross-country competitions have been mainly managed by the Chinese Mountaineering Association and the Chinese Athletics Association. However, it is still unclear who is the main manager, and there is even no clear rules for running the competition. It was not until April 2021 that the China Athletics Association For the first time, the organization standards for cross-country races are listed in the “China Marathon Management Document Collection (2021) Catalog”.


However, the Baiyin City and County Sports Competent Departments’ “big deal” management of events, canceled the administrative approval of large-scale sports events, and then let them go. They let them go, let them go and refuse to accept them, ignore supervision, relax supervision, and implement competition activities. The implementation of plans, emergency plans, and security measures are not in place, and supervision and management are not in place. Supervision during and after the incident is a mere formality, which directly leads to the establishment of check-in points, mandatory equipment, safety assurance, and rescue force preparation for high-risk projects such as the Silver Cross-country Race. There was a major defect, which eventually led to a tragedy. (Relevant reports from previous issues: The deadly cross-country races made the national race press the pause button. Who can convince the local government to accept the supervision of the race?)

11 departments including the General Administration of Sports jointly issued a document! The strongest regulatory order for sports events is here
The “Opinions” stated that there were many loopholes in past sports events, such as mountain cross-country, fighting, mixed martial arts, winged flying and other emerging sports due to the short development time and no mature technical standards and specifications have been formed. Risks are constantly exposed. Supervision The difficulty is great; some project technical standards and specifications need to be updated and adjusted in time according to the new situation and new problems; in actual work, some supervisory departments still have problems such as inadequate implementation of in-process and post-event oversight responsibilities for sports events.


The “Opinions” put forward that it is necessary to consolidate regulatory responsibilities, improve regulatory standards, clarify competition requirements, increase supervision and improve emergency plans. To implement the main responsibility of event organizers, organizers, organizers, co-organizers and other organizers are directly responsible for the safety of sports events. A written agreement should be signed before the game to clarify the division of responsibilities; the venue space provider has the obligation to ensure safety services.


The “Opinions” require all sports management centers of the General Administration of Sports and national individual sports associations to speed up the construction of a standard system for sports events, formulate competition guidelines and competition guidelines, and clarify the basic conditions, standards, rules and procedures for the organization of various sports events. , Clarify the organizer’s conditions and requirements, and standardize the qualifications of participants.


The “Opinions” require that the evaluation, guidance and supervision of various sports events should be strengthened. Sports administrative departments at all levels should formulate an annual sports event activity service guidance catalog; all types of sports events must formulate risk prevention and emergency response plans for disastrous weather and other activities ( Including real-time risk assessment, risk warning, risk prevention, suspension or postponement of games, timely rescue, etc.); national individual sports associations should strengthen industry self-discipline supervision services, and implement rating or evaluation of sports events.

11 departments including the General Administration of Sports jointly issued a document! The strongest regulatory order for sports events is here
Sports events will be supervised by multiple departments


The “Opinions” issued this time are divided into 6 parts, of which 4 are related to “supervision”, namely “clarify regulatory principles”, “consolidate regulatory responsibilities”, “improve regulatory standards”, and “intensify regulatory efforts.” “.


The most notable among them are the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Natural Resources, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, National Health Commission, Emergency Management Department, State Administration of Market Supervision, and China Meteorological Administration, in addition to the General Administration of Sports and the Ministry of Public Security. , China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and other departments are also listed as the competition supervision department.


In the past, domestic sports events were held in accordance with the “Measures for the Administration of Sports Events” promulgated on May 1, 2020. The supervisory responsibilities of the “Measures” mainly involved local people’s governments at all levels, public security organs, and national individual events. Sports associations, local individual sports associations and other sports associations.


The occurrence of the silver cross-country accident shows that the supervision of sports events cannot rely on the sports system alone. The whole society needs to form a consensus to strengthen the supervision of sports events. The “Opinions” issued this time means that a multi-departmental collaborative work mechanism will be born. Relevant departments involved in communications management, public security, natural resources, transportation, culture and tourism, health, emergency management, market supervision, meteorology, banking and insurance supervision, etc., shall perform safety supervision services in accordance with their duties, and establish and improve emergency response for sports events Working Mechanism.

11 departments including the General Administration of Sports jointly issued a document! The strongest regulatory order for sports events is here
At the same time, strengthen safety education and training, organize emergency drills including disaster warning, emergency command, personnel evacuation, search and rescue, etc., improve safety skills, and enhance emergency response capabilities; require sports event organizers in personnel, venues, equipment, facilities, and Implement safety measures in communications, safety, transportation, hygiene, food, emergency rescue, and firefighting.


Small events and companies may be eliminated


The silver cross-country accident has a profound impact on the road running industry. Many marathon practitioners said in an interview that the industry will therefore usher in a new round of reshuffle, and some small events and companies will be eliminated.


“Although we all know that the marathon and the cross-country running that happened this time are two different things, after this incident, the marathon has become a big burden, the government’s willingness to run the race has been significantly weakened, and the small marathon and the event company may disappear.” The interviewee who wished to be named said.


“The main source of income for the marathon itself is sponsorship and registration fees. However, marathons in many places do not have so many sponsors, the number of participants is also limited, and the income and expenditure are severely unbalanced, so they have to reduce expenses. After the silver cross-country race, the competition will be required. More and more stringent, small events can no longer be done.” Xiaobai, who has been engaged in marathon operations for many years, revealed.

11 departments including the General Administration of Sports jointly issued a document! The strongest regulatory order for sports events is here
Take insurance purchase as an example. In the past, insurance purchase was not mandatory. According to the “Measures for the Administration of Sports Events”, sports events organized by sports departments should take the initiative to purchase public liability insurance, and encourage other sports event organizers and participants to purchase public liability or accidental injury insurance. It is understood that most of the insurances purchased for the current events are group insurances. In order to reduce costs, the insurance amount will not be too high. In the “Opinions”, new compulsory measures such as insurance purchases have been added to ensure that emergency situations can be dealt with decisively, and the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission is also listed as one of the regulatory authorities.


“Road running and cross-country events have grown savagely for nearly 10 years. The major safety accident of this silver cross-country event will inevitably usher in the upgrade of event safety standards, and the requirements for event companies will also increase.” In an interview with Sports Business Ai Guoyong, the founder of “Macondo” and who has many years of experience in marathon operations, said that this lesson is not without pain. One person died and many people were punished. Many officials have to “do more than less”, but Responsible officials who are willing to act should continue to hold the competition after scientifically assessing the safety of the competition.


From the current point of view, the willingness to hold marathon events is still strong. The Liupanshui Marathon, Shangqiu Marathon and other events have announced their specific time. The 2021 Kunming Plateau Half Marathon to be held on July 11 is the latest marathon. This means that the marathon that was urgently stopped will be restarted again.


It has been some time since the silver cross-country accident happened, but the aftershocks to the marathon industry and even the sports industry have just begun. In the future, the management of event emergency plans, rescue and disposal mechanisms, and the construction of the accountability mechanism for safety accidents in sports events will all be put on the agenda. From the root, we will strictly prevent hidden dangers in sports events and evolve into “black swan” and “gray rhino” in the industry. Let the tragedy of the Silver Cross Country not repeat itself.

By Ethan