The 5 Bundesliga champions are crazy! 3 goals in 18 minutes

Recently, some netizens posted a vacation video of last season’s MVP Nicola Jokic on social networks.

Fat again? Jojic got drunk on the streets of Serbia during the off-season (source: Netease sports)

At that time, Jokic was walking in the downtown of his hometown Serbia, and he was obviously unstable and shaky because he was drunk. He seemed to want to find a place to continue drinking.

For NBA stars, such a scene is still difficult to see, because it is difficult for ordinary people to get close to them. But jojic doesn’t have such a shelf. In Serbia, of course, he is more open, dressed like an ordinary person and behaved like an ordinary person. In the United States, he has always been very low-key and cautious in his words and deeds. It is really difficult to see such a relaxed look.

However, Nuggets fans probably have to sweat a little. It seems that yokic may start his “fattening plan” in the off-season. If he enjoys too much, he will see a deformed “fat man” after the start of the training camp. Serbian fans also commented: “I made enough money to spend a lifetime, but many people may stumble like this all their life, leaving only cirrhosis.”

Last season, yokic contributed an average of 26.4 points, 10.8 rebounds and 8.3 assists in the Nuggets. He finally won the prize in the fierce MVP competition and achieved an important milestone in his career. However, the Nuggets were swept by the sun in the second round of the playoffs.

By Ethan