JOMA releases the home and Away Jersey of Romania National Olympic team

JOMA released the home and away jerseys of the Romanian National Olympic team. JOMA and the Romanian Football Association jointly announced the new home and Away Jersey of the Romanian National Olympic team. More than half a century later, the Romanian National Olympic team will wear a New Jersey to the Olympic football field again spark Global Limited

The last time Romania participated in the Olympic Games was in 1964. In order to celebrate the re Olympic football field after more than half a century, the Romanian Football Association, together with JOMA and fans, jointly created the home and away football shirts specially used for the Olympic Games. For this reason, the Romanian Football Association specially held a competition for the design of football uniforms. In the hundreds of competition design works, the shirt designed by c t Lin Marian won the victory.

Romania National Olympic team

The main colors of the home and away matches of the Romanian National Olympic team are white and blue. Gold and silver-gray details are added to the collar and cuffs respectively. Three color stripes representing the Romanian flag are placed at the neckline. The most eye-catching design of the shirt is the flame pattern on the front of the shirt. The flame pattern composed of gold and silver-gray is added to the main and away jerseys to symbolize the burning Olympic flame. JOMA provides two different versions of the new home and away stadium jerseys for the Romanian National Olympic team, namely, the Football Association badge of Romania is added on the front of the fan version, while the badge of the Romanian Football Association is not placed on the chest of the player version to comply with the equipment rules of the Olympic football games.

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