Yan Nishi League Farewell

Since entering the 21st century, NBA has increasingly advocated attack and fast rhythm, and more and more stars have created unprecedented records. This makes some retired celebrities envious, but they may not be convinced.

Recently, Artest talked about his views on the different times he has experienced in an interview.

“I have experienced the era of Jordan, LeBron, Kobe and Duncan. I have competed with these people and witnessed more and more three-point shots( Jordan can get 50 points per game. ” He said.

It is believed that Jordan can get 40-50 per game. Although in Jordan’s career, three-point goal is not his main scoring method, with Jordan’s scoring talent and ability, these people have no doubt that Jordan can adapt.

With little reliance on three-point goals, Jordan can score 30 + per game for seven consecutive years and win 10 scoring kings. It is indeed a quite amazing record.

Artest said: “harden can’t do this. KD and LeBron, who are active in the league, can’t do it, but I believe Jordan can average 50 points.”

Artest once played for the bulls for a short time, and later became an opponent with Jordan. He even broke Jordan’s ribs in an off-season confrontation training, which has been talked about by future fans. As one of the best defenders in the league, his evaluation of Jordan also shows the terrible scoring ability of Jordan.

By Ethan