Shine Trader Live reports

Shine Trader Live reports:

September 13 – today, Lakers new recruit Jordan talked about his role in the Lakers.

“I think my role in all the teams I play remains almost the same. I will bring defense, change the opponent’s shooting and shooting under the basket, fight for rebounds, let my teammates open as much as possible, control the ball for the team and contribute energy at both ends of attack and defense. In addition, I want to be a great dressing room player.

I’m happy to be here and work with these guys. The great thing is that we can receive a lot of threatening high hanging passes in this team because we have a lot of organizers and selfless players. When you have the end point, organizers and shooters, it will make the space on the court better. I think we sometimes play a large squad and sometimes Will play a small team, we will show the corresponding things according to the game, because we all have versatility. ”

In his career, Jordan averaged 9.4 points and 10.6 rebounds, with a shooting rate of 67.4%.

By Ethan