Beijing News (Chief Correspondent Sun Haiguang) The International Judo Federation announced the final Olympic points rankings and the Tokyo Olympic Games list last night. The Chinese Judo team has a total of 6 female athletes participating, and no men’s event is eligible.

The women’s judo event in China has always had a big advantage. They won 8 golds, 3 silvers and 10 bronzes in the 7 previous Olympic Games. In the Tokyo Olympic Qualifying Tournament, a total of 9 players from the Chinese Judo team reached the Olympic competition standards in 6 events.

However, due to the restriction that only one person can participate in each level, the Chinese team can only compete in the Tokyo Olympics in the end. They are Li Yanan (women’s 48 kg class), Lu Tongjuan (women’s 57 kg class), Yang Junxia (women’s 63 kg class), and Sun Xiaoqian. (Women’s 70 kg class), Ma Zhenzhao (Women’s 78 kg class) and Xu Shiyan (Women’s 78 kg class).

At the Chinese Judo team’s swearing ceremony for the Tokyo Olympics last week, the head coach Xiong Fengshan introduced that he will make good use of the limited time in the sprint stage to further make up for its shortcomings. Xiong Fengshan said that the national team insisted on hard training and innovative breakthroughs in the process of preparing for the battle, and it has achieved relatively good results in terms of physical fitness and skills.

For the upcoming Tokyo Olympics, Yang Junxia looks forward to it very much. “As a representative of the athletes participating in the Olympics, I feel extremely honored and excited.” Yang Junxia said that now there is only one month left before the Tokyo Olympics, and she will practice her physical fitness during this time period. Technology, participate in the Olympics with the best physical fitness and best mental state.

In contrast, Chinese Judo failed to get a seat in the men’s event, and the Chinese team failed to get Olympic tickets for the mixed team competition. The 12 teams participating in the mixed team competition are: Japan, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Mongolia, the Netherlands, South Korea, the Russian Olympic Committee, and Uzbekistan.

In terms of the total number of participants, the host Japanese team got 14 full seats, and the traditional strong team, the Russian Olympic Committee, also got 14 seats. In addition, France and Brazil each won 13 Olympic seats.

By Ethan