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spark limited reports:

Reported on August 23:

It is well known that the relationship between the big three Celtics, who won the championship in 2008, has broken down. Ray Allen was hated by his former teammates led by Garnett and Rondo because of his later switch to the heat.

Even though most of the players who played for Celtic have retired for many years, the resentment still hasn’t been resolved.

Recently, Garnett deliberately cut off the image of Ray Allen when forwarding the film of the Celtic core four, which shows that he is still full of disgust for this person.

Garnett forwarded a photo sent by a green army fan account. It was a group photo of Garnett, Rondo, pierce and Ray Allen wearing formal clothes at the All-Star event. Ray Allen stood on the far right.

When Garnett forwarded it, he cut off Ray Allen. Obviously, he still doesn’t want to be in the same frame with Ray Allen, nor does he want to recognize the position of this former teammate in the team.

This behavior quickly attracted discussion. Many fans said they didn’t know whether they could see their reconciliation in their lifetime. Ray Allen’s departure from the green army did deeply hurt the feelings of Garnett and other former teammates. Although pierce has loosened his attitude and expressed reconciliation after many years, hard cores such as Garnett or Rondo are not so easy to give him such tolerance.

By Ethan