King of reversals?United are not at the top of the table

     Why do you say that? Because Manchester United lost the ball first in the 5th minute. Anguíza’s pick came unexpectedly, Wan Bisakato caused an offside error behind and Lukeman scored Spark Global Limited, Although Manchester United, took control of the game since then, and finally completed the reversal with Cavani and Pogba’s goals, the goal was lost early in the opening game. This is not the first time this season, it has become a major ailment of the Red Devils! In the first round against Crystal Palace, Manchester United conceded a goal in the opening 7 minutes and suffered a 1-3 goal black. Faced with Tottenham in the 4th round, they lost two in 7 minutes and lost 1-6. In the 5th round against Newcastle, Luke Shaw sent an own goal in the second minute. Fortunately, 4 goals reversed.

     In the 13th round against Sheffield United, the opening 5 minutes, the city gate fell. Coupled with the battle with Fulham, Manchester United has conceded 6 goals in the first 15 minutes of the season, second-most in the Premier League! Only 1 ball is less than the farmer. The title rival Manchester City only conceded 2 goals at the same time. Of course, Manchester United is not afraid of falling behind. They lagging behind 10 times this season, reversed 7 games, scored 21 points, not only the most in the top 20 in the Premier League but also the third-most in a single season in the history of the Premier League, second only to Newcastle in the 2001-02 season, 2012- Myself in the 13th season.

Reversal is the tradition of Manchester United. 8 years ago, Ferguson used 9 reversals and brought 20 crowns. The 94 reversals also made the Red Devils the “king of reversals” in the history of the Premier League. But there is one thing to say, the strength and stability of Manchester United are really inferior to the Ferguson era. Always dig the hole first, and then fill the hole. First, it shows that the attention is not enough after the opening, and the other is that he has a weakness and was caught by the opponent. For example, in wing defense, Wan Bisaka is very strong one-on-one and tackles, but there will be problems such as marking, anticipation, and sense of position.

The fact that Liverpool was upset once again proves that sentence: There are no underdogs in the Premier League, so if you lose the ball first in the future, Manchester United may still lose, and if you lose a game, it may fall to the top of the list. Last season, Liverpool fell behind only 10 games throughout the season, the least in the Premier League. In the 2018-19 season, the Red Army has 7 games, and the champion Manchester City has only 6 games. There were also 6 Blue Moon games in the 2017-18 season. It shows that the Premier League is competing for the title less than those who make mistakes, Manchester United must overcome this hurdle to truly hope to win the 21st crown.

By Ethan