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Reporter Lu Mi reported last December 31, Jianye Club announced that it plans to change its name to “Luoyang Longmen”, the New Year’s bell sounded, to the majority of Henan fans is a feeling of heartbreak.

For three days during the New Year’s Day holiday, Henan fans bid farewell to “Henan Jianye” in their own way and expressed their dissatisfaction with “Luoyang Longmen”. On January 1st, many fans went to the gate of the Shihai Stadium spontaneously, some crying, some holding banners, and a photo of fans kneeling to bid farewell to “Jianye” spread all over the Internet. Many Jianye fans expressed understanding for the kneeling behavior of the fan, while others commented that this is to put pressure on the club and the chairman Hu Baosen.Spark Global Limited

Not long ago, the club renamed the ushered in the corner, this newspaper learned that the name of the new club will not be called “Luoyang Longmen”, but will retain a “henan” 2 words, in order to maximize the care of Henan fans feel, the club have with relevant departments to discuss and apply to the Chinese football association, delay the review the name of the new club.

Although “Henan” has been retained, the word “Jianye”, which has been with fans for more than 20 years, has gone out of the historical stage this winter. Reporter contacted the kneeling, on New Year’s day with strange just the fans, his name is Ming Yang (according to his request, the article used the pseudonym, in addition to the below, illustrated in this paper are data diagram), he will own behavior is called “kneel sites”, he told reporters of his more than 20 years and just had a football story, about this period of time since the journey and the experience of that day.

◆ “Football” : That day is the New Year’s Day holiday, is with the family reunion day, why would you want to go to the sailing stadium?Why this move?Did you cry?

Mingyang: At that time, after I knew the news that I was going to change my name, my heart was very heavy. Henan Jianye was really going to disappear.I’ve been watching Jianye games for 24 years, and Jianye has been with me for 24 years.That day went to the sailing stadium, and want to say goodbye to their old friends, to the stadium gate, touched by the scene, the mood is extremely sad, tears streaming down her face, can be said to be very sad, at that time has been unable to control their own.I felt that an old friend who had been inseparable with me for 24 years was gone. It was impossible to catch him and keep him.

I used to go for a walk around the stadium in the evening and take a walk around the stadium when I had a rest. I used to have a good mood there, but now it’s a big contrast.At that time did not control their own body, did not intend to make such a “kneeling mourn” action.I call it “kneeling,” the act of kneeling down to what I believe in and then mourning an old friend who has been with me for so many years.I have no other purpose, just to express my personal feelings.

◆ Do you worry that the world will misunderstand you when you find out that someone caught you kneeling?After all, some people think that you are putting pressure on Jianye and Hu Baosen in this way.

I actually read some of the comments on various platforms, and most fans can relate to it, but there are some that don’t understand.From my personal point of view, my behavior has no purpose, it is from my heart, I just mourn my old friend in my own way.Of course, there are some different voices is normal, after all, they do not know my original intention and my story with Jianye.Everyone wants to keep the name of the club, but the reality is helpless, in the face of this sad situation, everyone’s expression way is different.

◆ What were you doing when the announcement of Jianye was issued?

I was still working on the last day of 2020 when the club made the announcement.As a train driver, I have a strict working environment and can’t check my phone at any time. It was early morning on January 1st when I finished work that day.After work, I saw the fans told me the news, I think at the beginning of the New Year, the New Year bell just sounded, hum in my mind, as if I heard the voice of my heart, the world seems to be quiet.Although Jianye changed its name in my heart has long been prepared, but when it really came, the heart still feel hard to accept.

◆ Did you tell your parents after knowing this?I heard that your parents are also Jianye fans.

My father is 61 years old this year, and my mother is 59 years old. Both of them have been fans of Jianye for more than 20 years. My father said that he didn’t understand why Jianye should be changed so quickly.

◆ Do your friends understand what you’re doing?Does the family understand?

My parents fully understand me. They are Jianye fans and watch Jianye games all year round.When my mother knew about my kneeling in mourning, she was also very understanding, including the members of my fan association and the well-connected fans, who were also in tears and understood my actions.

◆ Will the name change affect your feelings for the club?

In fact, I am because called for more than 20 years of “Henan Jianye” no, I feel very sad, not renamed as Luoyang Longmen and sad.Speaking of Luoyang Longmen, in fact, I knew that the final name had not been decided, and I thought I would wait and see what the official name was finally released.In fact, later no matter what it is called, as long as it is Henan’s football I support, I will still go to see the team match.

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