Kobe got 25 million in the last year, while Jen got 44 million when he was 38 years old

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On December 3, Beijing time, according to shams, James and the Lakers have reached an early renewal contract of 85 million for two years, which will expire in 2022-23 season. Pay experts follow up on details. James will be paid $41180544 for 2021-22, replacing the original player option contract, and $44474988 will be paid in 2022-23.


James is a little surprised that his contract renewal date is earlier than that of thick eyebrow. From this point, it can be seen that James seems to intend to retire from the Lakers. In 2022-23, James will be 38 years old, and he can choose to continue or retire. No matter what kind of decision Jen makes during the off-season period of 2023, he will play in the NBA for 20 seasons.


I can’t help feeling that the Lakers are really generous to the superstars of the team. Kobe got 25 million salary in the last year of his career, while James could get 44 million at the age of 38.


After the end of the 2015-2016 season, a generation of basketball superstar Kobe chose to retire, and his salary at that time reached $25 million, which also caused doubts. Many people think that Kobe’s contract will seriously affect the Laker’s recruitment plan. After all, after a Achilles tendon injury, the black mamba fell to the peak, and the state plummeted. However, even so, the Lakers signed a two-year 48.5 million fat contract with Kobe, which is a recognition of Kobe. In his 20-year career, Kobe has devoted his best years to the Los Angeles Lakers.


And James in the new season before the start of the contract in advance, you can see that perhaps the Lakers respect him, moved the league’s first person. In the 19-20 season, 35 year old James led his team to the NBA championship. He also won the fmvp, which is considered to be the second person in history after Jordan.


At the end of the 20-21 season, James had the choice of players, so he could choose to jump out of the contract or stay with the Lakers. When some fans were looking forward to Jason returning to Cleveland to retire, James chose to renew his contract with the Lakers until he was 38 years old, which made his retirement in the Lakers more and more likely.


Jen can still get 44 million contracts at the age of 38, which may not be conducive to the future development of the team. However, this is the way the Lakers treat superstars, for meritorious stars, the top of the team has never been stingy. At the end of Kobe’s career and at the end of James’ peak, the Lakers have given the team the greatest respect. Perhaps, now that you understand why the Lakers have been so successful, it’s no wonder that many big NBA players want to play in Los Angeles.


There may be another reason for the Lakers to renew James’ contract with 85 million in two years. It is helpful to attract more stars by letting other signboards of other teams see how the Lakers treat their superstars. In any case, the Lakers and James reached an early renewal, for both sides, is a wise choice.

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