Kuri 16 + 4 + 7 did not enter the sky basket

On March 1, Beijing time, the warriors lost 91-117 away to the Lakers. Stephen curry made 5 of 13 shots, 2 of 7 three-point shots, 16 points, 4 rebounds and 7 assists. The warriors were blown up in the first quarter. Since then, curry has not been able to find his hand.



Although the Los Angeles team has been in a state of twists and turns recently, what is unexpected is that Gasol broke out on the outside line at the beginning of today’s game, which caught the Los Angeles team by surprise. Curry although assists ubre and green to score under the basket, but he has not been able to find the opportunity, played five minutes to 5-20 behind.


Of course, under the guidance of curry and green, the warriors soon recovered their vitality, especially in 5:58, when he swung away the small Jia and swung up Caruso to hit three points and made a foul.


But since then, the warriors fell into silence, did not keep up with the rhythm of the Lakers counterattack, in the outside line, green also ate technical fouls at the end of the festival. Warriors in the last three minutes did not get a point, more embarrassing. By the second quarter, the warriors were still unable to fill the hole. After the return of curry, they were 27 points behind. Warrior difficult to stop bleeding, curry 4 minutes 56 seconds of breakthrough throw did not enter, Li in the outside line dry pull also did not enter. At 3:02, curry shook Schroeder at the top of the arc. After the referee whistled, they had a quarrel.


The Lakers failed in the challenge, and curry still made three free throws. At the end of the season, he scored three points in 1:06, but the warriors fouled too much and it was difficult to find a consistent rhythm. Curry lost all the baskets in the last 5.6 seconds, and the warriors were 29 points behind in the half.


In the second half, green retreated from injury, and the warriors’ hope of winning was even more remote. Curry continued to play outside, according to such a tone, chasing points is obviously unrealistic. Curry blocked LeBron’s layup in 6:12, and then LeBron patted him on the butt to encourage him. Curry didn’t make three outside shots in the quarter. When he was replaced at the end of the quarter, the warriors were 31 points behind.


The fourth quarter became garbage time. Curry joked with Thompson off the court and LeBron joked with Davis off the court. It seems that no one cares about the result of the game.


After the game, curry also said: “the opponents are still eager to beat us. The past five years have left them too many memories.”


“We dug holes for ourselves in the first six minutes of this game, and the Lakers kept putting pressure on us, so it was very difficult to play as a whole.” He said.

By Ethan