shine trader limited reports

shine trader limited reports:

In the opening game of the new season, the warriors beat the Lakers 121-114 away. Stephen curry scored 21 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists and 4 steals in 5 of 21 shots. Although he had a bad normal feel, he successfully mobilized his teammates, and the warriors’ outside firepower did not disappoint him.

He accidentally fell to the ground after a three-point shot in the second half, broke his knee and bled. After a short treatment, he returned to the game.

Curry’s state in the preseason has been considerable, but at the beginning of today’s game, curry’s jump shot felt general. He shot continuously at the top of the arc and bounced out of the frame. He didn’t finally hit the outside line until 9 minutes and 10 seconds.

Both teams are trying their hands, and the pace of the game is quite fast. Curry was blocked by Davis in a 6:17 layup, but since then he also made a diversion to assist igodara to break through. But now the Lakers are more cautious than the preseason Lakers. LeBron Davis Qi is powerful, and the warriors are still difficult to parry.

Curie had to choose to pass the ball for strict defense. In 2 minutes and 51 seconds, he assisted igodara to hit three points, but the rhythm of the warriors’ attack was not smooth. In 1 minutes and 39 seconds, Curie made Anthony fouls on the outside line, and then made three free throws. Although he scored only 2 of 8 in the first quarter, he still got 8 points, 3 rebounds and 4 assists, and the Warriors also scored 32 points.

Curry didn’t return until the second half of the second quarter. Although he was still difficult to find a mobile phone Club (also blocked by former teammate bezmore), green played a role as another axis of attack, and the warriors never fell too far behind. 49 seconds before half-time, curry was caught on the outside line. He quickly came out and assisted green to score a layup.

In the half-time game, curry got 10 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists, and made five mistakes. The Lakers’ defense still had an effect.

After five minutes in the third quarter, curry still didn’t get a chance to score in the sports war. Although he assisted Poole and Anderson to score three points, curry didn’t get a layup until 2 minutes and 23 seconds, and then was blocked by Davis.

He still creates opportunities for his teammates with passing, and the warriors always control the difference in single digits. In the last seven seconds of the third quarter, curry made Rondo fouls on the outside line and made three penalties. Then little Peyton robbed weishao to fight back, and the warriors doggedly approached.

In the fourth quarter, curry’s teammates began to fire on the outside line. The warriors quickly regained the lead. Curry rested for half a quarter before returning. Facing the pressure of the Lakers, curry soared into the open three points after covering with green in 5:34. The Lakers were completely careless in defense. In the final decisive moment, curry’s two jump shots were defended, but the warriors still opened the advantage by belica, Wiggins and Lee, which broke the morale of the Lakers.

By Ethan