spark limited reports

spark limited reports:

September 7 – recently, wizards player Kuzma visited arenas’s program.

Referring to the development of several young people who left the Lakers, Kuzma said: “It’s very difficult, because when you play in Los Angeles, you have to win now. So the common situation is to introduce a star from outside. They bring Jabbar, Chamberlain, O’Neill, and Gasol. This is their mentality and culture. Those young people who leave have become all stars, and Clarkson has become the best sixth person, he said We are great players. The team wants to win, but it is difficult to win and develop players. You can’t play in mistakes and think about winning at the same time. It’s impossible. ”

When talking about his future, Kuzma said, “something good will happen. You just talked about the people who left (all succeeded) , it makes me very excited. At a certain point in time, I think our young people are at the same level. When they leave, they fly high, they improve themselves, and they enter the best team and All-Star game, which makes me super excited. ”

Kutz played 68 regular season games for the Lakers this season, averaging 12.9 points, 6.1 rebounds and 1.9 assists in 28.7 minutes.

By Ethan