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spark limited reports:

Reported on September 1:

Today, the Lakers officially announced the signing of Rondo. After becoming a Laker again, Rondo looked very excited. He not only recorded a video to announce his return, but also said that Jamie and Vogel were the key to his decision.

“Lakers nation! What happened? Yes, I’m back, I’m back here! There is no better job than this. Look forward to sharing this beauty with you and pay attention to us. ” Rondo said in the video.

Meanwhile, in an interview with the media, Rondo talked about how he made his decision. He said: “obviously, everyone is eager to be needed. I talked with Frank (Vogel) earlier today and talked about his expectations for me, which makes me understand that he missed me in the dressing room last season. This means a lot to me, which makes me understand that I am really valuable here and needed, so frank is the key factor for my return. ”

It can be seen from the background of the signing photo that Rondo changed to wear No. 4 shirt in the new season. Previously, he wore No. 9 when he played for the Lakers.

“Obviously, I also talked with LeBron and ad (Anthony Davis). We have been in touch. Rob (palinka) has been sincere to me since the first day, even if it was my first signing with the Lakers. Therefore, these old relationships are the key to making some great things happen. ” Rondo finally said so.

Rondo played for the Lakers in 2018-19 and 2019-20, and helped the Lakers win the NBA championship in 2020. While playing for the Lakers, Rondo averaged 8.1 points, 4.1 rebounds and 6.5 assists.

By Ethan