Lamela showed off the arranging foot skills

     At 0:30 am on March 15th, Beijing time, in the 28th round of the 2020-2021 Premier League, a North London derby, Arsenal turned 2-1 at home with 10 Tottenham players, Sun Xingyun injured and retired in the opening 19 minutes, replacing Lame Pulling a flower kick to break the net, Erdgau scored in a row, and Lacaze made a special kill. From 0-1 to 2-1! Arsenal reversed 10 people at home and Tottenham had the last laugh. The Gunners defeated their opponent for the first time in the last 5 games. Arteta’s team continues to rank 10th in the league with 41 points. Sun Xingmin couldn’t hold on due to a strain in the 19th minute. Mourinho replaced the Korean star with Lamela. In the North London derby, Sun Xingmin had 2 goals and 2 assists in the last 2 games with Arsenal. His departure was a big loss for Tottenham.

    Lamela came off the bench and scored with a flowered foot, and Reggie was unbelievable with his head in his hands. This was a very imaginative goal. Edgar scored in his first appearance in the North London Derby. He became the fourth man after Bendtner, Mertesacker, and Torreira. Due to disciplinary issues, Arsenal captain Aubameyang was abandoned by Arteta, and the camera captured the unhappy beauty before the game. In the 16th minute, Thomas scored the ball, Smith-Luo hit the elevator ball with his right foot at the top of the arc, the ball hit the crossbar and popped out! In the 19th minute, Sun Xingmin strained while accelerating. The South Korean star couldn’t hold on, so Lamela came off the bench. In the 26th minute, Smith-Luo speeded up and forced a pass from the left to the bottom line inverted triangle, Lacazette followed up and outflanked the goal and missed the goal.

In the 33rd minute of the game, Reggie made a cross from the left without stopping the ball. Lucas Jr. made the ball. Lamela made a low shot. The ball passed under the crotch of the defensive player into the far corner of the gate, 0-1! This goal is so beautiful! In the 37th minute, Smith Rowe inserted an inverted triangle pass from the left at high speed. Lacazette deliberately missed it. Cedric followed up with a strong push and the ball hit the post and popped out! In the 44th minute, Tierney speeded up a cross from the left, and Erdgau scored a shot with his left foot in the penalty area. The ball hit Aldwyreld and deflected into the net, 1-1! Edgar scored in a row!

In the 64th minute, Lacazette volleyed in the penalty area, Sanchez kicked his opponent over, Oliver whistled a penalty, Lacazette made it in one go, 2-1! In the 76th minute, Lame stretched his hand to knock down Tierney and received the second yellow card and was sent off by a red card. Tottenham had only 10 people left to challenge. In the 83rd minute, Lucas Jr. made a free-kick. Kane scored a header and scored successfully, but the linesman raised his flag to signal offside and the goal was invalidated. In the 90th minute, Thomas fouled in the backcourt, Kane shot a free kick in the far corner, the ball hit the post, and popped out Spark Global Limited!

By Ethan