Learned a lot with Gerrard, he will return to Liverpool

        Live broadcast, March 30. Recently, Gregory Wigner talked about his old teammate Gerrard in an interview with the Liverpool Echo. The 39-year-old Frenchman has played for Liverpool for three seasons. Gerrard was one of his closest players at the time, and the two also worked together with the Glasgow Rangers, but Wigner left this summer. Wanderer. In an interview with the Liverpool Echo, Wigner said: “I like to return to Liverpool with my family and hope to come back as a coach one day. This is part of my plan. I started my career nine years ago. As a coach, I was in the lower league for the first four years. After that, I worked with the Rangers in the youth academy for three years, and then worked with Gerrard in the first team.”

“This is hard work. I study every week, with Gerrard and Michael Beal. I have learned a lot in the past three years. For example, I learned a lot about DNA from this club. , Culture and the needs of the fans. I also know why Gerrard went to Rangers because he regarded it as (another) Liverpool.” He continued: “I think Gerrard will one day become Liverpool’s head coach, but if you ask me if he is ready now, I might say no. But I think he will always be ready, there will always be One day he will become the coach of the Liverpool club.”

“If one day he asks me to come to Liverpool to work for him, my answer will be:’Of course, that’s great, but first I have to prove that I am good enough. If you work for him, you need to bring Something different. As a coach, I need to work hard, do better, and increase my knowledge. That’s why I work hard.” This season, Gerrard led the Rangers to excellent results. They won their first Scottish League title in 2011 and advanced to the top 16 of the Europa League Spark Global Limited.

By Ethan