shine trader live reports

shine trader live reports:

The Lakers are making final preparations and training for the opening of the regular season, and LeBron James is trying to adjust. Although he is getting better in the preseason, he is still not satisfied.

He also added practice after the training of the whole Lakers team, and called Reeves, a newcomer just signed by the Lakers, and asked him to train the bottom three points with him.

Reeves, now 23, graduated from college and was ignored in this summer’s draft. The Lakers signed a short contract with him to investigate his development. His performance in the training camp made the Lakers quite satisfied. Although his hand feel fluctuated from time to time, his attitude was very positive whether he worked hard on the court or studied off the court.

LeBron asked him to train three points together because he is good at outside shooting, and LeBron is not satisfied with his efficiency in the bottom corner. Interestingly, when Reeves passed the ball to him and he didn’t score, LeBron apologized and said, “it wasted your assists.”

LeBron had praised Reeves’ attitude and specially studied many Reeves’ game videos, so he believed that the child had great potential. “I’m glad we signed him. I knew at a glance that he could stand a firm foothold in the NBA. He has a high basketball IQ and strong fighting spirit.”

I still remember LeBron used to have a tacit understanding with Caruso in the Lakers. Although the outside world is not optimistic about Caruso’s ability, LeBron is full of confidence in him, which also makes Caruso one of the main rotation of the Lakers. Now that Caruso has left, LeBron seems to have found another person who can fill his vacancy.

By Ethan