spark limited reports

spark limited reports:

LeBron was infatuated with Jordan when he was very young. As early as he was 16, LeBron got the opportunity to play with his idol on the court.

Former NBA star Anthony Walker recently revealed in an interview that Jordan held a secret training camp in 2001 and invited many NBA players to prepare for his return to the Wizards. Among them, Jordan also invited LeBron, who was a sophomore at that time, to participate in the training camp.

Walker revealed that because LeBron was only 16 years old, everyone let him, “we treat LeBron as a 16-year-old child.”

“In the game, he will pick Charles Oakley first, which he always does. He will also pick a point guard to play. He is very impressive. He likes to play against players who are not very aggressive. Just like he will find Bobby Simmons to play. These people don’t have strong scoring ability, so he can temper his skills. ”

In fact, LeBron once mentioned his experience of participating in Jordan’s secret training camp. He said that he had little playing time and sat on the bench to watch the ball at that time. However, he was able to participate in idol’s training camp in high school. There was still a dream feeling. “It’s very untrue to be able to appear on such a field at the age of 16 and play with my favorite player.

By Ethan