Old Rivers holds 83% chance of promotion

Eastern finals G5 in Atlanta, the letter brother in the third quarter left knee angle sprain left, LeBron sent a message to pray for the letter brother.

Letter brother in the defense of Capella air, landing left knee sprain, angle was 45 degrees, he fell to the ground, it is very painful.

“Oh, no, wipe( WTF: what the f * * k) @ Janice “LeBron James prayed for the letter brother on twitter, and also made rude remarks about the injury.

“No! no Janice, injury has always been the topic of this season. I hate to see that. ” Lin also tweeted.

The third quarter was about 4 minutes and 30 seconds, the letter brother returned to the court, but the Bucks were 20 points behind. After a while at the side of the court, brother Letterman went back to the dressing room to make sure that he would not return to participate in the rest of the game.

By Ethan