Only eighth in the year, Leclerc is extremely satisfied, and Ferrari has fallen to this point?

Ferrari only finished sixth in the 2020 season. This is the worst result for the Italian team in 40 years. Four-time world champion Vettel was very disappointed with the 2020 season, but another driver Leclerc did not think so. He said This is my best season. “This season has two sides to me. Personally, this is my best season, including what I have shown on the track. I am very happy with this season. I tried taking risks and most of the time I got positive The effect of this has allowed us to get a lot of points. Only in rare cases did we miss.” In the 2020 season, Leclerc was ranked eighth in the 98th place in the train driver’s standings, and in the 2019 season, Leclerc was ranked fourth in the 264th place in the train driver’s standings. Compared to the first season at Ferrari, this result seems to be No shot, but considering the poor competitiveness of the Ferrari SF1000, it is already a good result to get eighth. Also compared to Vettel’s 33 points and thirteenth ranking, how much more can Leclerc demand? What is your expectation?

A total of 11 drivers have been on the podium this season. Except for regulars such as Hamilton, Bottas, and Verstappen, only Perez, Alben and Lele have been on the podium twice. Claire. This is a very remarkable achievement for Ferrari racing (you heard it wrong, Ferrari racing has been reduced to the point where the podium has to be celebrated), maybe you would say that Leclerc just missed twice, In the opener in Austria, a total of eight cars were retired, including the Red Bull duo. In addition, Hamilton and Alben’s collision caused the former to cross the finish line second but missed the podium with a five-second penalty. Leclerc was runner-up. The other was at Silverstone in the United Kingdom. Thanks to the two Mercedes drivers and Sainz’s puncture, Leclerc won third place with his stable performance spark Global Limited

Compared to these two podiums, I think Turkey is Leclerc’s most amazing one, and the rain battle is the touchstone for the drivers. In the qualifying, Leclerc only took the fourteenth place, and with the correct strategy and outstanding performance in the race, if it were not for the risk of surpassing Perez at the last moment, the podium would be Leclerc’s ( Try to overtake Perez, cross the track and be overtaken by Vettel). As an F1 driver, you have to take risks when opportunities arise. There is nothing to say. Even though you lose your position, this is the absolute right choice. Of course, Leclerc’s game in the 2020 season is not so perfect. In Styria, due to his recklessness to knock out his teammates, causing Ferrari to retreat, Leclerc will be fully responsible for this accident. This is the price that young people need to pay. Leclerc is Ferrari’s future and is the key to leading this ace team to its revival. For this young talented driver, the road ahead is still long, and more amazing performances are needed to prove himself.

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By Ethan