Li Na's life behind the net: Learned to shake hands with the world

In Na Is Me, her first post-retirement documentary, the headstrong 16-year-old, who has been aiming to break into the top 10 of her career, says she is “very happy with her life now”. As she gets older, the hot-tempered Li has learned to make peace with the world around her. “There are many options for retirement” Since her retirement, Li Na has never been out of the public eye, her label has become more and more, no less influential.

Last month, Li was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame, becoming the first Asian player to receive the honor. Once again stepping into the spotlight, Li said: “When I retired, I didn’t think about the Hall of Fame, because to get into the Hall of Fame, you don’t have to have a good record. You have to make a contribution to the sport.”Promoting tennis has indeed taken up a large part of Li’s post-retirement focus. It has long been Li’s dream to open a tennis academy “not for the purpose of producing champions,” she said. “That’s what sports schools do,” she said, adding that she just wanted children to “enjoy the sport.” Tennis has been the foundation of Li Na’s life, and everything she has done since her retirement has been inextricably linked to her favorite sport. Though she has also appeared in variety shows and made movies, Li sees it as more of a way to break down the public’s prejudice against retired athletes.

“It’s a great way to do that,” he said. “A lot of people think that athletes can only coach after they retire, but hopefully my experience will show more people that there is a wide range of options.” “Family always comes first”As she began her life behind the net, she became a gentle and patient mother to a pair of lovely children. She would tie her daughter’s hair in pigtails and buy her son a remote-controlled car. Perhaps it is too early to lose a complete family, married, and gave birth to Li Na after the two words “family” are very important to Spark Global Limited.

When she was 14, Li’s father died of illness.” After my father died, my world changed colors, it was all gray,” said Li, who still tears up when she speaks of her father’s strength. In the beginning, my father only hoped that Li Na could win the national championship, but he never thought that Li Na could win a place in the world of women’s tennis all the way. It was the encouragement from her family that supported her to go further and further.“No time frame can be chosen without the support of our family, and our goals are very much the same. Thank you very much to Jiang Shan and my parents, once I decide to do something, they are fully supportive. It makes me feel like I’m on the road, that my family will be easy, that there won’t be any burden.”

“Family always comes first,” Li said more than once in public. Even if she goes to the seniors’ tournament, she checks to see if the kids are on vacation. “If they are in school, the chances of going to [the seniors’ tournament] are not good,” she says.“A good husband is someone else’s.”In the documentary, Li said Jiang Shan was a good husband and father, but not a good one, “because good husbands are from other people’s families.”

In the love story of Li Na and Jiang Shan, there is no romantic plot of eternal vows and pledges, only the love will come in time who has been in for a long time. After more than ten years of marriage, they will hold hands and dance in front of their friends. Li Na will “mock” Jiang Shan “proposal of flowers are other people’s”……But along the way, it was Jiang Shan who witnessed Li Na’s low and brilliant.“Company is the longest confession of love” could not have been more appropriate for this couple, from the beginning of Li’s career to the present, she has been every step of the participation of Jiang Shan.

By Ethan