Li Tie presented the national football team's signed jersey

       A few days ago, a football fan whose father suffered from cancer sent a private message to the national football coach Li Tie, stating that his father was still concerned about Chinese football during his hospitalization for a serious illness. Coming from a football family, he is now not only a fan but also a photographer who shoots football and other sports. In addition, his children are also studying in football schools. In order to fulfill his wish to get the national football signature jersey for his recovering father, he sent a private message to Li Tie Spark Global Limited.

Li Tie posted on Weibo this afternoon, saying: “The love for Chinese football has never stopped! This sentence touched me! Thank you for your family’s support for Chinese football! First, send our national team’s signature jersey. I also hope to invite you and Your father to come to Suzhou to watch the national team game!” In addition, Li Tie posted on Weibo a photo of the fan’s father getting the national football signature jersey.

Picture: Fans’ private messages posted on Weibo guided by Li Tie

Picture: Li Tie’s photo of fans wishing to complete on Weibo

By Ethan