Real Madrid PK Chelsea, Paris VS Manchester City

The US men’s basketball team and the Australian men’s basketball team staged the Olympic warm-up match. The U.S. men’s basketball team lost 83-91 to Australia and suffered two consecutive losses. In this game, Lillard scored 22 points and 4 rebounds in 6 of 11 three-point shots. As the main point guard, Lillard only 1 assists, but there are five mistakes.

Previously, the United States men’s basketball team lost 87-90 to Nigeria in the first game of the warm-up match, giving a surprise. Today, facing the fierce Australia, the US team can’t afford to lose. However, after the opening, the U.S. team did not attack effectively, but Australia hit three points in a row, taking the lead.

Durant missed the shot under the defense of the opponent. As another big man in the team, Lillard stood up to take over the team. In the face of dravidova’s tough defense, Lillard hit the bottom corner three points in a row, which was a side leak. Under Lillard’s leadership, the United States regained the lead. With 5 minutes and 25 seconds left in the first quarter of the game, lilard made a dislocation to form a small hit and a big one. After consecutive crotch dribbling, he made a strong three-point shot.

Entering the second quarter, lilard still feels hot. More than two minutes before the end of the half-time game, Lillard scored five points in a row. In the face of Australia’s iron bucket defensive array, Lillard, like entering a no man’s land, forced to break through and easily score points. 33 seconds before the end of the half-time game, Lillard made a big step out of the three-point line to make a super long three-point shot. The three-point line in the international arena really had no pressure on him. After half-time, Lillard scored four three-point goals and scored 16 points to help the U.S. team establish a 9-point lead.

Yi Bian fought again, and the situation changed suddenly. Although Lillard felt the same, he hit three points in a row. However, Australia played excellent team basketball and launched a crazy counter attack. On the other hand, the U.S. team has only Durant and Lillard, which is obviously outnumbered.

In the face of fierce style of Australia, Lillard also can not calm down, there have been mistakes. Into the final quarter showdown, lilard’s strong three-point shot also began to play iron. Australia has always controlled the situation. With Durant’s three-point shot, the US men’s basketball team suffered two consecutive losses in the warm-up.

By Ethan