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Since the Trail Blazers were eliminated in the first round, there have been more and more rumors about Damian Lillard’s possible retention. Although Lillard himself has denied his claim that he forced the palace to the pioneers, various experts and media still dig the inside story of his discord with the pioneers.

Recently, Henry Albert, a senior basketball expert, disclosed in a column that sources told him that Lillard would rather give up a high salary in order to join the champion team. If in the end he has only one way to go, he is willing to do so. And Albert said firmly that Lillard did tell people around him that he was considering making a transaction application.

Albert also said, “he will listen to the pioneer’s future construction plan. If he doesn’t like it, he will still ask for a deal.”

Lillard is now playing in the American men’s basketball team. It is said that he even complained to his national team teammates that his problems with the Blazers are getting worse and worse.

However, Albert said that Lillard’s probability of closing the Palace last week was 25%, which was worth asking. He said that this was the news told him by insiders, but this is not the shooting percentage, which can be calculated casually. Will Lillard really measure his decision by this scale( Lillard’s external statement is: “I haven’t made any practical decisions about the future.”)

In any case, Albert concluded that this may be the “beginning of the end” of Lillard’s pioneer career.

By Ethan