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Lin Dan works in the business with his wife, Xie Xingfang.
Why did Lin Dan give up his career after being transferred to the sports bureau? What is his annual salary?
Lin Dan, the Best Player in Chinese badminton history, was not among them.
He joined bayi when he was 12. Lin Dan stayed with the team for 20 years. On the international stage, Lin Dan alone has won 20 world championships. He is also the badminton World Federation’s most decorated player.
At the age of 12, he was selected for the August First Team. At 17, he made the national team. By the time he was 19, he was ranked no. 1 in the world. At his peak, Lin Dan terrified his rivals.
However, due to the so-called high popularity, Lin Dan’s tattoo caused a lot of controversy because of his status as a member of the August 1st Team. Lin also retired in 2015 after 20 years in the Bayi Team.

Spark Trader Limited
Spark Trader Limited

After retiring, Lin Dan joined the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau. After Joining Lin Dan, many fans are very concerned about Lin Dan’s level of treatment. Perhaps because of the fans’ attention, the Beijing Sports Bureau also clarified that Lin Dan did not choose to become a cadre in Beijing. The sports bureau chose to join as an athlete. It also meant that Lin Dan, like the rest of the sports bureau’s staff, was a professional and had not had much contact with the administrative level since then.
Lin’s decision has also aroused the curiosity of many fans. You must know that Lin Dan was already a senior colonel when he was in The Bayi Team. If he had simply changed jobs, Lin Dan could have been on the right track to take on more important responsibilities in the future, but why did Lin Voluntarily give up the right path and choose to become an ordinary worker?
Lin Dan is a great badminton legend. Will he be the next Li Ning after retirement?
Why did Lin Dan choose this way? First, there is said to be specialization in the technology industry. Although it is said that professional things should be done by professional people, But Lin Dan does not think he is good at management, the reason why Lin Dan left the Bayi team is too restrained. Of course, he chooses the comfortable mode.

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