Lingard: Like social media is just to show my character

    Recently, West Ham United player Lingard said in an interview with the Manchester Evening News that his struggles at Manchester United were not caused by social media. Lin Huang said that he was active in social media only in Demonstrating character has nothing to do with stadium performance. Lingard’s performance on social media has been strong, but some fans have criticized the Manchester United player’s use of these platforms. Among the criticisms that Lingard faced during his difficult 18 months, questions about his use of social media were endless. When Lingard played for Manchester United, his eccentric personality on social media was praised, but as his days at Old Trafford became more and more complicated, his activities on social media platforms He were often used to criticize him.

Lingard: Like social media is just to show my character

As football increasingly turns stars into machines that only play football, the sport is calling for those who reveal their true character, but when Lingard reveals his character on social media, this Often leads many people to question his performance on the court. Since he was loaned to West Ham United in January, Lingard has re-found his status, and with it his popularity, but after being recalled to the England team, he did not consider any influence on his social media activities. Criticize and insist that this is just a simple question: “I think for me, what I do off the court is just what I should show as a person. This is my character, this is my personality.”

“I like to interact with my fans and let them see what I’m doing. I haven’t done anything improper. When I’m on the court, I’m still doing my job and training really hard, So as long as I can maintain this focus and consistency until the end of the season, I hope I can participate in the European Cup.” “I’m an outgoing personality, you know-relax, have fun, play with a smile, but when it comes to football, you know that I will work hard there 100%, 100% on training and match days. The team works hard.” Lingard returned to the Three Lions after a stunning performance at West Ham, with 5 goals and 2 assists in 7 games. This is one of his stories in recent weeks. This is a remarkable change for a player who has not played a minute for Manchester United in the Premier League and the Champions League this season Spark Global Limited.

The 28-year-old knew he had to leave Old Trafford temporarily to find the feeling of playing, and persuaded Solskjaer, “It is obvious that I had a few conversations with Sorcerer before the loan. Tell him that I need time for the game, and we reached an agreement.” “He said he understands-at my age, I need to play a normal game. After that conversation, only the board of directors agreed. Obviously, he had to communicate with West Ham about a certain loan fee and try to complete it in time. This deal.” “Unfortunately, I didn’t catch up with the Liverpool match, because I was ready to take part in the match anyway. So obviously I had to wait for the chance to play, but in the end, everything was done. I want to thank both parties for this.” Lingard rejected the interest from La Liga and Ligue 1 and switched to West Ham. Southgate emphasized that if he wants to win the recall of the England team, it is very necessary to stay in the Premier League.

By Ethan